Humanitarian Opportunities

The following humanitarian opportunities are available to international members. 

If you wish to post an humanitarian opportunity simply complete the online form or contact International Affairs Committee Staff Liaison Jennifer Carstens at for more information. Questions should be directed to the contacts for each posting and not to the ASRS office.

Available Opportunities

SEE International /Focus Inc. /Midwest Retina Consultants
Posted September 20, 2019

Travel to either Port au Prince or Cap Haitien, Haiti to continue the training of two Haitian ophthalmologists in complex vitrectomy surgery and/or train ophthalmology residents in medical retina/laser/injection skills at HUEH, the state hospital in Port au Prince. Each location is well equipped, travel is easy, and accommodations are very good. Both doctors being trained in vitrectomy are well on their way to being fully trained. The ophthalmology residents are very enthusiastic and eager to learn. Cases are mostly prescreened to maximize opportunity. Pathology is very interesting and challenging at all locations. Contact Dr. Alter or Caitlin Jonov/SEE International for more information. 


Contact: Daniel C. Alter, MD, PhD
Address: 1100 W. Central LL-2
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Phone: 630-650-4334
Caitlin Jonov, SEE International


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