About the Honor Awards Program

Recognizing ASRS Annual Meeting participation

The Honor Points Program recognizes ASRS members for their time and contributions to the scientific programs of the Annual Meeting. The participation categories include:

  • Presentations
  • Symposium moderators
  • Panel discussion leaders and participants
  • Instructional course faculty
  • Film Festival entries
  • Peer reviewer
  • Meeting reporter

Members are awarded one point for each contribution as an author (or co-author), panelist, moderator, and/or course faculty member. Members who have earned 10 or more points are eligible to receive an Honor Award. Members who have earned 25 or more points are eligible to receive a Senior Honor Award to recognize those ASRS members who have demonstrated significant continued participation in the Annual Meetings. The new Presidential Award is bestowed on the highest achievers who have amassed at least 60 points.