Patient Education Materials

The Foundation of the American Society of Retina Specialists offers a range of comprehensive patient education materials developed with retina patients and their families in mind. Check back often for new and updated information and tools. 

Retina Patient Guides

Are you seeing a retina specialist for the first time? Ever wondered how to keep your retinas healthy for a lifetime?  Our patient guides share need-to-know background on seeing a retina specialist, maintaining healthy vision and more. Download and share today.

What is a Retina Specialist?Retina specialists are highly skilled physicians and surgeons committed to helping people with retinal conditions preserve and improve their vision so they can see for a lifetime. Learn more about these highly  skilled eye care providers in our new patient guide. Download and print the What is a Retina Specialist patient guide in English or Spanish and share it with friends and family today. 

Preparing for Your Retina Appointment: Have an appointment with a retina specialist soon? Download and print this detailed patient discussion guide in English or Spanish, which includes questions you may want to ask your retina specialist to better understand and care for your retinal condition.

Healthy Habits to Preserve Healthy Vision: Healthy habits today can preserve your retina health in the future. Do you know the seven healthy habits that can not only bolster your overall health, but also preserve healthy retinas and eyesight? Download our Healthy Habits to Preserve Healthy Vision patient guide in English or Spanish to learn more. 

Advanced Retinal Imaging: Advances in early detection and treatment of retinal diseases made possible by retina specialists can preserve sight and virtually eliminate vision loss. Retina specialists have access to the newest, most advanced imaging technologies, allowing for earlier diagnosis, closer monitoring, and breakthrough treatment approaches that can help save sight. Download our Advanced Retinal Imaging patient guide in English or Spanish to learn more. 

Amsler Grid: Getting older? At risk for age-related macular degeneration (AMD)? Keep an eye on your vision by looking at an Amsler grid, commonly black lines on a white background with a dot in the middle.  Download our Amsler grid and contact your eye doctor immediately if the lines look wavy, dim, irregular, or fuzzy.

Sports Safety for Retina HealthParticipating in sports can have a host of benefits, including enhanced physical and mental health. Along with the positive impact of playing sports, there is a risk of physical injury including those that can affect vision. Download our Sports Safety for Retina Health patient guide in English or Spanish to learn more. 


Talk with Your Doctor About AMD: If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), you likely have questions and concerns about the condition. That's why the ASRS worked with the National Eye Institute to develop the Talk with Your Doctor About AMD guide — to help people start meaningful conversations about AMD at their next appointment. Download, print or share it on social media today. 


Do you know the facts about AMD and Diabetic Retinopathy? Download and share infographics on these treatable retinal conditions today.

Click here for our AMD Infographic in English or Spanish

Click here for our Diabetic Retinopathy Infographic in English or Spanish

Retina Health Poster

Your clear view of the world relies on healthy retinas. Learn how to care for your retinas to protect good vision. View, download and order print copies of our retina health poster today.