Mobile Meeting Site Download Instructions


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Here's How to Download the 2019 ASRS Annual Meeting App

iPhone Users:

iPhone Users: 

  • Click "share icon" button (square with arrow up) at bottom of page 
  • In the pop-up menu that opens, select the "Add To Home Screen" option and then click "Add" button

Android Users

  • Click the menu link and then click "Add to home screen" 

Technical Information
The mobile site is compatible with all modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer 8+. Your browser must have cookies and JavaScript enabled.

Important Information for iPhone and iPad Users 
If you use an iPhone or iPad and have trouble loading the site, try clearing your Safari history and cookies. If clearing history and cookies does not work, try removing all website data, which can be done in the Advanced settings in Safari.

Need help? 
If you need assistance accessing the mobile meeting site, email

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