2020 Virtual Annual Meeting Program


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Friday, July 24

Introduction 6:00 PM 6:05 PM Timothy Murray, MD, MBA; Philip Ferrone, MD
Retinal Cell Therapies Symposium 6:05 PM 6:20 PM Moderators: Steven Becker, PhD; Russell Van Gelder, MD, PhD
Technology Symposium: Updates in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality and Robotics 6:20 PM 6:40 PM Moderator: Linda Lam, MD, MBA
Speakers: J. Peter Campbell, MD, MPH; Linda Lam, MD, MBA; Aaron Lee, MD, MSCI; Richard Rosen, MD, DSc(Hon)
Imaging, Digital, Angiography Symposium 1 6:40 PM 6:55 PM Moderators: John Pollack, MD; Caroline  Baumal, MD
Speakers: Dan Gong, MD; Thomas Mendel, MD, PhD; John Miller, MD; Lejla Vajzovic, MD
Imaging, Digital, Angiography Symposium 2 6:55 PM 7:10 PM Moderators: K. Bailey Freund, MD; Nadia Waheed, MD, MPH
Speakers: Michael Elman, MD; Zofia Michalewska, MD, PhD; Carolyn Pan, MD
Retinal Vascular Disease Symposium 7:10 PM 7:35 PM Moderators: Michael  Ip, MD; James Major, Jr., MD, PhD FACS 
Speakers: Wael Alsakran, MD; J. Fernando Arevalo, MD, PhD, FACS; Narciso Atienza, MD, MBA; Sophie Cai, MD; Vrinda Hershberger, MD, PhD; Michael Trese, MD
Inflammatory & Infectious Diseases Symposium 7:35 PM 7:55 PM Moderators: Pauline Merrill, MD; Sunil Srivastava, MD 
Speakers: Dilraj Grewal, MD; Seenu Hariprasad, MD; Quan Nguyen, MD, MSc; Prethy Rao, MD, MPH
Surgical Techniques and Maneuvers Symposium 1 7:55 PM 8:10 PM Moderators: Young Hee Yoon, MD, PhD; Dean Eliott, MD 
Speakers: Ashkan Abbey, MD; Carl Awh, MD; Jessica Lee, MD; Ahmed Sallam, MD PhD FRCOphth
Surgical Techniques and Maneuvers Symposium 2 8:10 PM 8:20 PM Moderators: Larry Halperin, MD; Sunir Garg, MD
Speakers: Shree Kurup, MD; Rizwan Shaikh, MD; Manju Subramanian, MD
ReST Committee Drug Safety Update 8:20 PM 8:35 PM Paul Hahn, MD, PhD
Poster Awards 8:35 PM 8:40 PM Christina Weng, MD, MBA

Film Festival Awards



8:45 PM

Moderators: Theodore Leng, MD; Jonathan Chang, MD

Business Meeting - Members Only

8:45 PM

8:55 PM

Timothy Murray, MD, MBA

Saturday, July 25

Diabetic Retinopathy Symposium 1 10:00 AM 10:25 AM Moderators: Jeffrey Heier, MD; Gaurav Shah, MD
Speakers: W. Lloyd Clark, MD; Jennifer Gallagher, MD; Dennis Marcus, MD; Bobeck Modjtahedi, MD; Dante Pieramici, MD; Sumit Sharma, MD
Diabetic Retinopathy Symposium 2 10:25 AM 10:50 AM Moderators: John Wells, MD, FACS; W. Lloyd Clark, MD 
Speakers: Jeremiah Brown, MD, MS; David Boyer, MD; Geeta Lalwani, MD; Jennifer Lim, MD; Caesar Luo, MD; Ehsan Rahimy, MD
Diabetic Retinopathy Symposium 3 10:50 AM 11:10 AM Moderators: Susan Bressler, MD; Suber Huang, MD, MBA
Speakers: Amy Babiuch, MD; Mitchell Goff, MD; Matthew Ohr, MD; Hugo Quiroz-Mercado, MD; Nathan Steinle, MD
Socioeconomic/Practice Management Symposium 1 11:10 AM 11:25 AM Moderators: Geoffrey Emerson, MD, PhD; Tushar Ranchod, MD 
Speakers: Henry Leder, MD; Jennifer Sun, MD; John Thompson, MD
Socioeconomic/Practice Management Symposium 2 11:25 AM 11:35 AM Moderators: Jonathan Prenner, MD; Jonathan Jonisch, MD 
Speakers: Geoffrey Emerson, MD, PhD; Barton Blackorby, MD; Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD
Retina PractiCare 2.0 – Benchmarking Your Practice 11:35 AM 11:40 AM John Thompson, MD
Coding and Reimbursement Update 11:40 AM 11:55 AM Introductions: Timothy Murray, MD, MBA
Speakers: Ankoor Shah, MD; John Thompson, MD; Christina Weng, MD, MBA
Hereditary Retinal Diseases & Genetics Symposium 11:55 AM 12:10 PM

Moderators: Jason Comander, MD, PhD; Eric Nudleman, MD, PhD 
Speakers: Anthony Joseph, MD; Young Hee Yoon, MD, PhD; Honghua Yu, MD, PhD; Michel Michaelides, BSc, MB BS, MD(Res), FRCOphth, FACS

Pediatric Retina, ROP Symposium 1 12:10 PM 12:25 PM Moderators: Audina Berrocal, MD; Sengul Ozdek, MD, FEBO
Speakers: Alay Banker, MD; Irina De la Huerta, MD PhD; Nimesh Patel, MD; Omar Punjabi, MD
Pediatric Retina, ROP Symposium 2 12:25 PM 12:40 PM Moderators: Mary Elizabeth Hartnett,MD; Anna Ells, MD, FRCS(C)
Speakers: Audina Berrocal, MD; Andres Gonzalez, MD; Swati Agarwal-Sinha, MD; Edward Wood, MD
Surgical Techniques and Maneuvers Symposium 3 12:40 PM 1:00 PM Moderators: Fabio Patelli, MD; Dante Pieramici, MD
Speakers: Daniel Kiernan, MD, FACS; Andreas Lauer, MD; Ramon Lee, MD; Pradeep Susvar, DNB, FRCS(Glasg), MBA; Michael Tsipursky, MD
Surgical Techniques and Maneuvers Symposium 4 1:00 PM 1:15 PM Moderators: Marco Mura, MD; Elliott Sohn, MD
Speakers: Rita Ehrlich, MD; Makoto Inoue, MD; Luiz Lima, MD; Katherine Talcott, MD
Surgical Techniques and Maneuvers Symposium 5 1:15 PM 1:25 PM Moderators: Carl Regillo, MD; Ehab El-Rayes, MD, PhD
Speakers: Netan Choudhry, MD, FRCS(C); Victor Gonzalez, MD; Raymond Iezzi, MD, MS
Ocular Oncology Symposium 1:25 PM 1:35 PM Moderators: Prithvi Mruthjunyaya, MD, MHS; Tara McCannel, MD, PhD
Speakers: Ivana Kim, MD; Timothy Murray, MD, MBA
Retinal Detachment Symposium 1:35 PM 1:55 PM Moderators: Tarek Hassan, MD; Kourous Rezaei, MD
Speakers: Subhendu Boral, MBBS, MD(AIIMS), DNB(OPHTHALMOLOGY); Rehan Hussain, MD; Leo Kim, MD, PhD; Navneet Mehrotra, DNB; Scott Walter, MD, MSc
Macular Surgery Symposium 1 1:55 PM 2:10 PM Moderators: Ivana Kim, MD; Mrinali  Gupta, MD
Speakers: Ismael Chehaibou, MD; Srinivas Joshi, MD; Min Kim, MD
Macular Surgery Symposium 2 2:10 PM 2:25 PM Moderators: Francesco Boscia, MD; Barbara Parolini, MD
Speakers: Tso-Ting Lai, MD; Sengul Ozdek, MD, FEBO; Matteo Forlini, MD
Closing Message 2:25 PM 2:30 PM Timothy Murray, MD, MBA and Philip Ferrone, MD

Sunday, July 26

Dry AMD Symposium 1 10:00 AM 10:15 AM Moderators: David Sarraf, MD; Sophie  Bakri, MD
Speakers: William Bridges, MD; Joseph Christiansen, MD; Justis Ehlers, MD; Rachel Shah, MD
Dry AMD Symposium 2 10:15 AM 10:30 AM Moderators: Fernando Arevalo, MD, PhD, FACS; Arshad Khanani, MD 
Speakers: Deeba Husain, MD; Baruch Kuppermann, MD, PhD; David Sarraf, MD; Subrhansu Ray, MD, PhD
Wet AMD Symposium 1 10:30 AM 10:50 AM Moderators: Philip Ferrone, MD; David Brown, MD
Speakers: Peter Campochiaro, MD; Jared Nielsen, MD, MBA; Matthew Starr, MD; Charles Wykoff, MD, PhD; Marco Zarbin, MD, PhD
Wet AMD Symposium 2 10:50 AM 11:10 AM

Moderators: Allen Ho, MD; Nathan Steinle, MD
Speakers: Diana Do, MD; Arshad Khanani, MD; Judy Kim, MD; Gustavo Melo, MD, PhD; Carl Regillo, MD

Wet AMD Symposium 3 11:10 AM 11:25 AM Moderators: Christina Weng, MD, MBA; Lisa Olmos de Koo, MD, MBA
Speakers: Mark Barakat, MD; Nancy Holekamp, MD; Peter Kertes, MD, FRCS(C); Michael Singer, MD
Wet AMD Symposium 4 11:25 AM 11:35 AM Moderators: Mark Humayun, MD, PhD; Diana Do, MD 
Speakers: David Brown, MD; Rahul Khurana, MD; Rahul Komati, MD
Wet AMD Symposium 5 11:35 AM 11:55 AM Moderators: Baruch Kuppermann, MD, PhD; Leo  Kim, MD, PhD
Speakers: David Eichenbaum, MD; Jeffrey Heier, MD; Eric Schneider, MD; Veeral  Sheth, MD, MBA; Jeremy Wolfe, MD, MS
Wet AMD  Symposium 6 11:55 AM 12:15 PM Moderators: Peter Kaiser, MD; David Eichenbaum, MD
Speakers: Yodpong Chantarasorn, MD; Carl Danzig, MD; Dilsher Dhoot, MD; Tarek Hassan, MD; Daraius Shroff, MS FMRF FRCS
Wet AMD Symposium 7 12:15 PM 12:35 PM Moderator: Jay Duker, MD; Judy Kim, MD
Speakers: Sophie Bakri, MD; Paul Hahn, MD, PhD; Allen Ho, MD; Peter Kaiser, MD; Raja Narayanan, MD, MBA
Instrumentation & Devices Symposium 1 12:35 PM 12:50 PM Moderators: Carl Awh, MD; David  Chow, MD, FRCS(C) 
Daniel Chao, MD, PhD; Ashvini Reddy, MD; David Tri Ta Kim, MD FRCSC; Ananth Sastry, MD
Instrumentation & Devices Symposium 2 12:50 PM 1:00 PM Moderators: J. Michael Jumper, MD; Jorge Fortun, MD
Roger Goldberg, MD, MBA; Christopher Henry, MD; Jayanth Sridhar, MD
Pediatric Take-Home Panel 1:00 PM 1:15 PM Moderator: Darius Moshfeghi, MD
Panelists: Kimberly A. Drenser, MDJessica G. Lee, MD; Lejla Vajzovic, MD; Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD
Diabetic Retinopathy Take-Home Panel 1:15 PM 1:30 PM Moderator: Charles Wykoff, MD, PhD
Panelists: Robert L. Avery, MD; Maria H. Berrocal, MD; Nancy M. Holekamp, MD; J. Michael Jumper, MD
AMD Take-Home Panel 1:30 PM 1:45 PM Moderator: David Boyer, MD
Panelists: Neil M. Bressler, MD; Margaret A. Chang, MD; Jennifer I. Lim, MD; Aleksandra V. Rachitskaya, MD
Closing Message 1:45 PM 1:50 PM Timothy Murray, MD, MBA; Philip Ferrone, MD

Accreditation Statement and CME Credit

The American Society of Retina Specialists is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

The American Society of Retina Specialists designates this live activity for a maximum of 10.75 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

CME Mission Statement & Educational Objectives 

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