Observership and Training Opportunities

The International Affairs Committee offers several programs and places to share opportunities regarding observing a practice or hosting an observer. 

ASRS Observership Program

The ASRS Observership Program offers members a shadowing opportunity at hosting institutions across the globe. Participants will be able to watch procedures and surgeries, attend patient rounds and teaching conferences, and take part in other day-to-day activities. ASRS members can host international colleagues at their own practice as well as also apply to observe at another member’s practice.


Retina Exchange Program

The International Affairs Committee is pleased to offer an online networking and mentoring program designed to help connect ASRS members around the world for virtual learning and information sharing.


Observership Opportunities Postings

Opportunities in this section are available for ASRS members who would like to observe  and train at other retina practices to further their knowledge, as well as for members who would like to host an observership outside of the ASRS observership program. 


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