Media Registration and Policies

Thank you for your interest in the American Society of Retina Specialists Annual Scientific Meeting, July 13-16 in New York.  Please review the policies and guidelines governing coverage of the meeting and complete the media registration form to request media credentials for this year's meeting. 

Media Registration Form 

Media Policies 

Abstracts/Presentations/On-Demand Content Availability

Reporters credentialed by ASRS to cover the 40th Annual Meeting will receive a link to access the Annual Meeting mobile site containing meeting abstracts, posters and on-demand papers one week before the meeting.

Embargo Policy

The media, as well as companies and institutions issuing news stories and releases are required to abide by the following embargo policy governing the ASRS 40th Annual Meeting.

  • Embargoes on abstracts will lift at the conclusion of the corresponding live meeting presentations. Consult the meeting program for times.
  • The embargo for scientific posters and on-demand papers will be lifted at 2:00 pm (CT) on July 16, 2022.

In addition to our general embargo policy, ASRS complies with the following SEC Fair Disclosure Requirements in warranted cases.

SEC Fair Disclosure Requirements

In certain cases, a determination may be made that in order to fulfill the requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or a corresponding regulatory organization in any country where that company's stock is traded, a publicly traded company, before the public release date, must disclose data or information from confidential abstracts. This is generally deemed necessary when it is considered probable that a reasonable investor in the company would regard such data or information as constituting a significant change to the totality of information provided to the investor.

Please contact Stacy Kiff if SEC requirements apply to your abstract submission so that ASRS can coordinate release of the abstract with the required press release.  

Gathering and Use of Information

No portion of the scientific program may be screenshot, photographed, audiotaped or videotapedPermission must be granted by exhibitors before a photo or video is taken of exhibit displays. 

Material gathered must be for editorial use in conjunction with a meeting-related news story. Media representatives must agree that information gathered at the ASRS Annual Meeting will not be used to develop any continuing medical education (CME) materials or programming. Media representatives will not be granted continuing education credit for educational sessions they attend.

The social media hashtag associated with the meeting is comprised by the Society’s acronym and the meeting year -- #ASRS2022. Please tag us in your posts. 

Preferences and Trends (PAT) and Global Trends Survey Information Policy
The 2022 PAT Survey is provided solely for the educational interest of the ASRS membership. The data reported represent the opinions and preferences of the survey respondents alone and do not necessarily represent any official position of the ASRS. All responses and data analysis are the sole property of the ASRS (copyright 2022 American Society of Retina Specialists, all rights reserved). Publication and/or use of the data are not permitted without prior written approval; email to request permission.

No screenshots, photos or video recordings are permitted of the ASRS Preferences and Trends (PAT) or Global Trends Survey posters or slides.

Media Guideline FAQs

Which journalists may attend?

Working journalists from recognized media outlets are invited to register for media credentials to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting. These types of media outlets include:

  • Ophthalmic or other health care news publications
  • General circulation newspapers, magazines, newsletters
  • News services and syndicates
  • Broadcast news media
  • Electronic news media

Will ASRS distribute my contact information to exhibitors and PR representatives?

The ASRS will only share contact information if a reporter gives permission by checking the box on the media registration form.  

What media credentials are required?

  • Media representatives must present a business card or some other acceptable form of identification listing their editorial title. Job titles considered not acceptable include, but are not limited to, principal, sales reps, publishers (unless generating stories), account executive, sales manager and advertising manager.
  • Freelance reporters are required to present a letter of assignment on letterhead from the editorial department of the corresponding recognized media outlet. 

Who is not permitted to attend?

Employees or representatives from consulting, public relations, advertising, or marketing firms are not allowed to obtain media credentials for the Annual Scientific Meeting. 

How can journalists register in advance?

Fill out and submit the Media Registration Form below. Please follow up by submitting your business card and/or letter of assignment to Lydia Steck. Journalists should not use the general meeting registration form. Please contact Lydia Steck or Sara Conley if you have any questions. ASRS policy limits the number of complimentary media badges to 2 per media publication or outlet. ASRS reserves the right to refuse or request return of media badges for any reason. 

Which meeting events are not open to the media?

  • ASRS Business Meeting
  • Meeting social events

Does ASRS endorse products or services?

ASRS does not endorse any products or services.