World Ophthalmology Congress 2018

June 16-19, 2018
Barcelona, Spain

ASRS Symposium Agenda

Welcome and Introductions
Rishi P. Singh, MD

Current and Future OCT in AMD
Richard F. Spaide, MD

Nadia K. Waheed, MD, MPH

What is the Rap on RAP? New Concepts in the Evaluation and Management of Type 3 NV
David Sarraf, MD

Top Findings from AMD Treatment Studies
Daniel F. Martin, MD

Future Approaches to Exudative AMD
Scott W. Cousins, MD

Future Approaches to Nonexudative AMD
Jordi M. Monés, MD, PhD

AMD Case Panel
Gaurav K. Shah, MD, Moderator
Judy E. Kim, MD, all session participants

Closing remarks
Rishi P. Singh, MD

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