ASRS Guidelines for Planning a Joint Symposium

Please complete the Joint Symposium submission form – please provide as much detail as possible. In order to have your meeting considered, the following information must appear on the submission form:

  • The exact date and time for the symposium
  • Length of the symposium (on average ASRS joint symposiums run approximately 2 hours)
  • If the symposium to be considered is in-person, the hosting society must provide a meeting attendee list or at least 6-8 names of potential local ASRS members that are recommended
    speakers. All symposium presenters must be active ASRS members.
  • If the symposium to be considered can be presented virtually, please provide the exact technical capabilities so the ASRS can confirm all presenters are able to connect.
  • Are there any specific topics you would like the symposium to focus on?
  • What is the deadline for the final agenda?

Once the above information is received, the following is the Joint Symposium review and approval process:

  • The initial information will be reviewed by the ASRS International Affairs Chair. If any more information is needed you will be contacted directly.
  • Depending on the International Affairs Chair’s schedule and familiarity with the meeting location, he or she may appoint either the Liaison Leader for the region or a moderator to plan the symposium and recruit speakers as well as determine presentation topics. Please note: due to the nature of virtual symposiums a meeting attendee list or list of potential local members are welcome but not required.
  • The ASRS will then invite any proposed speakers to participate.
  • Depending on the response received by invited speakers and proposed topics, the meeting moderator will then compile a draft agenda.
  • The draft agenda will then be forwarded on to the ASRS Program Chair and Education Chair for a final decision.