ASRS Symposium at the 3rd World Retina Day at the 17th EURETINA Congress


September 9, 2017
Barcelona, Spain

Moderators: Philip J. Ferrone, MD and Gaurav K. Shah, MD

Pravin U. Dugel, MD
Digitally Augmented Vitreo-Retinal Surgery: On The Precipice of the Next Revolution

Srinivas Sadda, MD
Evaluating the Choroid with OCT Angiography

Phillip J. Ferrone, MD
Does Early Vitrectomy Improve Long Term Outcomes in Stage 3B Coats Disease?

John S. Pollack, MD
Should ERMs Be Removed While Vision is Still Good?

Gaurav K. Shah, MD
ILM Peeling During Retinal Detachment Repair. Rationale and Outcomes 

Jose Garcia Arumi, MD, PhD
Surgical Management of Myopic Macular Hole

Carlos Mateo, MD
Myopic Maculopathy: Pearls, Tricks, Pitfalls, and Adventures

Peter Stalmans, MD, PhD
Effective Lens Position in Combined Phaco-Vitrectomy Surgery

Glenn J. Jaffe, MD
What’s New in Intraocular Sustained Drug Delivery