APVRS ASRS 2016 Joint Symposium

December 8-10, 2016
Bangkok, Thailand

R V Paul Chan, MD
: New Paradigms for the Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric Retinal Disease

Manish Nagpal, MD: Large retinectomy for massive submacular haemorrhage

Paisan Ruamviboonsuk, MD: Clinical Manifestation of Fluid in Bruch’s Membrane-RPE Complex in Active CSC

Carl Regillo, MD: A Prospective Trial using Aflibercept in a Treat and Extend Fashion for Managing Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration: ATLAS  2 Year Results

Masahito Ohji, MD:  Scleral shortening for refractory retinal detachment due to macular hole in highly myopic eyes

Lihteh Wu, MD: Natural History of Vitreomacular Traction Syndrome

Adrian Koh, MD: Pending

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