Donor Recognition

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the donors whose contributions enable us to continue our mission of education, awareness, and research in retinal diseases.

Founding Donors

Founding Donors are ASRS members who contribute $2,000 or more to FASRS. These donors' contributions continue to support the vision of a strong and lasting Foundation.

Daniel Adelberg, MD

Umberto Albanese, MD

Laurence Avins, MD

Carl Awh, MD

Mark Balles, MD

Jerald Bovino, MD

Sheldon Braverman, MD

Stephen Breaud, MD

Charles Campbell, MD

Moiz Carim, MD

Ben Cohen, MD

David Dodwell, MD

Alexander Eaton, MD

Paul Finger, MD

Neil P. Finnen, MD

Barron Fishburne, MD

Brett Foxman, MD

Alexander R. Gaudio, MD

Jeffrey Gross, MD

Mark Hammer, MD

Nicholas Hrisomalos, MD

Suber Huang, MD, MBA

Mark Hughes, MD

Jaime Jimenez, MD

Mark Johnson, MD

Roy Levit, MD

Luviano Damien, MD

Charles Mahl, MD

G. Philip Matthews, MD, PhD

Alice McPherson, MD

Solomon E. Melgen, MD

Michael Nomber, MD

R. Joseph Olk, MD

Kirk Packo, MD

Peter Pavan, MD

Samuel Pesin, MD

Barbara Phillips, MD, MPH, MBA

Vincent Reppucci, MD

Ronald Sachs, MD

Delia Sang, MD

Harinderjit Singh, MD

J. Georffrey Slingsby, MD

John Thompson, MD

Paul Tornambe, MD

Allen Verne, MD

Yujen Wang, MD

Shelby Wilkes, MD, MBA

George Williams, MD

David Williams, MD, MBA

Z. Nicholas Zakov, MD

Grizzard Fund Donors

This fund has been established in honor of W. Sanderson Grizzard, MD, endeared by friends, patients, and colleagues locally, nationally, and internationally for being a patient-centered physician who reveled in treating and diagnosing difficult cases.

Wanda Abbott

Associated Retinal Consultants, P.C.

Ester and Jerry Bovino, MD

Antonio Capone Jr, MD
Mina A. Delavergne
Arthur Fernandez
John J. Fernandes
Florida Retina Consultants, PA
Harry W. Flynn, Jr., MD
Mark E. Hammer, MD
Martha K. Hartwell
Joan Noojin Hendry
Suber S. Huang, MD, MBA
Deen G. King
Rebecca A. Kinkaid
Randolph G. & Linda Koser
William E. Layden, MD
Roy Levit, MD
Memorial Hospital of Tampa

David M. Monbeck, OD

Edward H. Nelson
Bobby L. Norris
J. Justin Older
Ophthalmic Partners of Florida, PA

L. Lee Osburn
Arthur G. Pettygrove, MD, PA
Jeff Pollard
Martha A. Price, MD, PA
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Reeves
Retina Associates of Sarasota, PA
Sarasota Retina Institute
Bonnie Shelton
Ursula W. Sparkman
John Thompson, MD
Paul Tornambe, MD
University Glaucoma Centre
G. S. Webb
Elwood W. Wingeier
Miriam B. Zack