About the Foundation

Welcome to the Foundation of the American Society of Retina Specialists!

The number of people diagnosed with potentially blinding retina conditions like diabetic retinopathy is on the rise. Millions more are at risk, yet may not know the signs, symptoms, risk factors or the critical role retina specialists play in preserving sight.

Through its activities, The Foundation of the ASRS is raising awareness about retina health and educating the public, patients, their families and caretakers about how to safeguard their retina health to ensure a lifetime of independence and activity. A few of the Foundation's activities are highlighted below, but visit our Patients page to check out all of our patient information and resources. 

In addition to patient education, The Foundation is committed to enhancing education for young retina specialists and serving as a resource for information on game-changing research and emerging treatments that will dramatically enhance the lives of patients in the years ahead.

Patient Education Fact Sheets

The ASRS Foundation’s Retina Health Series offers an extensive collection of disease-specific webpages with understandable facts about causes, symptoms, risk factors, diagnostic testing, treatment, and prognoses of an array of retinal conditions.

Each webpage offers a convenient printable PDF fact sheet. Select titles are available in large-print and Spanish language fomats. 
Check out the series here.

Attention ASRS Members:

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Retina Health for Life From the Presiden't Corner

Join Dr. Timothy Murray, Past President of the Foundation of the ASRS, for inspiring conversations about your sight and the special role the retina plays in making healthy vision possible. Listen as expert retina specialists and patients share vital information on the latest advances in retina care as well as tips for living life to the fullest with retinal disease. Audio episodes are available on our website,  Amazon MusicApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify and other podcast directories. Or visit our YouTube channel for video versions.

Retina Health Basics

What is a retina? 

How do I find a retina specialist?

What can I expect during my office visit? 

What can I do to maintain good vision?

Visit our Retina Health Information page for the answers to these and other questions. 

Be a Visionary

Your clear view of the world relies on healthy retinas. Learn how to care for your retinas to protect good vision with our free educational poster. 

View, download and order print copies of our retina health poster today.

Public Awareness Posters Raise AMD Awareness

The Foundation's "Got AMD?" public awareness posters cast a light on the impact of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). These eye-catching posters demonstrate the distorted vision of someone living with AMD and encourages people to get an examination or seek treatment. Email us at info@asrs.org to order today. 

Foundation Contact

Jill Blim
(312) 578-8760