Individual Giving and Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Donations and sponsorship support for the work of the Foundation of the American Society of Retina Specialists  helps to improve the quality of life of people with retinal diseases through public education and awareness activities and to advance the training of the next generation of retina specialists. Below are individual giving options as well as corporate sponsorship opportunities.

Individual Online Giving Options

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Individual Donations

Make your gift today to provide immediate support.

Monthly or Quarterly Donations

Maintain a level of giving at a pace that works for you. Recurring donations will be automatically drawn from a credit card on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Honor a Physician

Use your gift to recognize a physician who influenced your career or whose great advancements in retinal sciences have improved the lives of patients with retinal diseases.

If you are a patient, the Foundation also invites you to recognize a doctor who has provided care to you or a loved one.

W. Sanderson Grizzard Memorial Fund

This fund has been established in honor of W. Sanderson Grizzard, MD. Dr. Grizzard was endeared by friends, patients, and colleagues worldwide for being a patient-centered physician who reveled in treating and diagnosing difficult cases.

Planned Giving

Include the Foundation of the ASRS in your estate planning and leave your heartfelt imprint on the Foundation and its mission long into the future. The Foundation accepts many planned giving options, including life insurance, wills, trusts, real estate, annuities, and securities.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Vision Health Public Awareness/Education Initiative

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s “Making Eye Health a Population Health Imperative: Vision for Tomorrow” report calls for the development of public awareness campaigns to promote eye health policies and practices across all age groups to achieve the following by 2030:

  • Eliminating correctable and avoidable vision impairment
  • Delaying the onset and progression of unavoidable chronic eye diseases and conditions,  
  • Minimizing the impact of chronic vision impairment, and
  • Achieving eye and vision health equity by improving care in underserved populations. 

As the Foundation of the largest retina organization in the world, we are uniquely positioned to assemble a Patient Advocacy Coalition to execute an outreach initiative aimed at significantly increasing public awareness and education around retinal diseases.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunity
The Foundation seeks corporate sponsorship to facilitate the development of an innovative and effective strategic public outreach campaign based on evidence, with established benchmarks and tailored to reach the specific needs of target audiences in formats that are accessible and trusted.

Sponsor Benefits
The sponsor will be recognized in all marketing and press materials, as well as on the Foundation section of the ASRS website. 

Retina Research Award

The Innovative Retina Research Award is awarded to a retina specialist who has shown a lifetime commitment to pursuing highly innovative, high-risk, high-reward research that has led to critical discoveries or major advancements that have or will accelerate the field of retina. The candidate’s work may focus on introducing a new paradigm, challenging current paradigms, looking at existing problems from new perspectives, or exhibiting other uniquely creative qualities.  The recipient will be honored at the Innovative Forum at the ASRS Annual Meeting.

Corporate sponsorship opportunity
The Foundation is seeking bids to be the corporate sponsor of the endowment for this annual award.  To be considered, a minimum bid of either a one-time $100,000 grant or commitment to making $30,000 installments for 5 years is required.

Sponsor benefits
The sponsor will be recognized in all marketing materials, at the awards ceremony, and on the Foundation section of the ASRS website.

ASRS Presidents’ Young Investigator Award

The Retina Young Investigator Award, established to honor past leaders of the ASRS and to serve as a means to nurture the development of the next generation of retina leaders, encourages researchers to undertake investigative work in critical areas of retinal diseases that may one day lead to meaningful improvements in patients’ lives. It is open to researchers aged 45 years or younger who are members of the ASRS.

The number of awards will be based on corporate sponsorship.

Eligibility criteria

  • 45 years of age or under at the time the paper is published
  • Member of the ASRS
  • Must be first author on the paper submitted for consideration
  • Paper must be original and published in a peer-reviewed journal during the year preceding the award.
  • Individuals may nominate themselves or others may nominate them
  • To be considered, nominees must submit the published paper, including all illustrations and online links, acknowledgement from co-authors that the candidate is in fact the primary investigator, and a curriculum vitae.

Corporate sponsorship opportunity
The Foundation is seeking bids to be the corporate sponsor of the endowment for this annual award. To be considered, a minimum bid of either a one-time $100,000 grant or commitment to making $30,000 installments for 5 years is required.  

Sponsor benefits
The sponsor will be recognized in all marketing materials, at the awards ceremony, and on the Foundation section of the ASRS website.

Foundation of the ASRS Developing Country Travel Grants

The Foundation is pleased to introduce a fellowship program to bring retina specialists from developing countries to the ASRS Annual Meeting to learn about the latest trends and developments in the treatment of retinal diseases.

Selected applicants receive an award that covers transportation, lodging, and per diem, in addition to registration for the ASRS Annual Meeting. To enhance the experience, ASRS members are selected to serve as “mentors” during and after the ASRS Annual Meeting. Along with assistance from the mentors, a welcome breakfast is held to aid the recipients in navigating the ASRS Annual Meeting and to give them the opportunity to meet and network with others involved with this fellowship.

Participation in this program provides the retina specialist with:

  • Experience of having attended the premier retina scientific meeting
  • Information about new treatment options that could be transferable for use in the recipient's institution
  • Face-to-face interaction and networking with colleagues not otherwise possible
  • Mentor relationships that could transcend the meeting experience

Eligibility criteria

  • Recent graduate of a retina fellowship program or equivalent and currently practicing full time as a retina specialist
  • Candidates cannot be studying or training outside of his/her home country at the time of his/her recommendation for the award
  • Recipients should be from countries which are at a sufficient level of development to allow them to share the knowledge gained at the meetings with colleagues upon return
  • ASRS members and non-members are eligible
  • The candidate cannot have attended an ASRS Annual Meeting in the past
  • The candidate should have a sufficient command of English in order to participate in the scientific program.

Budget:  $2,500 per awardee

Corporate sponsorship opportunity
To be a named sponsor of a travel grant, a minimum sponsorship of $5,000 is required. 

Foundation of the ASRS Memorial Travel Grants

Named Memorial ASRS Annual Meeting Travel Grants can be established for as little as $5,000 per year. The sponsor can establish the eligibility criteria for applicants and determine the amount of the travel grant offered.

Patient Education Brochures

The Foundation of the American Society of Retina Specialists offers an expanding series of patient education brochures. The disease-specific fact sheets are stand-alone materials in customizable formats for use in retina specialists’ practices.

There is a significant need to provide patients and the public with quality information on retina health and conditions. Learn more about these patient education resources at

Please contact Jill Blim for more information on any of these individual giving and sponsorship opportunities.