Legacy Giving Opportunities

Legacy Giving Opportunities

Through support of a Research Grant or Fellowship Award, donors to the Foundation have a unique opportunity to advance the field of retina while creating a meaningful and lasting personal legacy.

The Programs

Research Grants—These named grants, typically of approximately $10,000, provide seed funding for young investigators to launch early-stage projects, kick-starting their careers and position them to compete later for major funding.

Fellowship Awards—These awards, at a range of levels, help young physicians who are completing fellowships in retina meet expenses and relieve financial stress. For some, the award may be critical in making fellowship a financially viable choice. 

The Impact

The awards represent an investment in the next generation of retina specialists and researchers at a critical point in their career development. They also meet an important need, as fewer funding sources are available to support early research  or to assist fellows with financial pressures.

By accelerating the career progress of future leaders in the subspecialty, support of these programs advances the field of retina at a time of both need and opportunity—as demand for care is growing and possibilities for helping patients through new treatments continues to expand.

 The Opportunity

Donors have great latitude to shape the grants they fund, including deciding the criteria for selecting recipients, the areas of research the donor would like to support, and more.

Donors also have the chance to name the Research Grant or Fellowship Award, either in their own name, in that of a loved one, or in honor of a colleague or cherished mentor who helped nurture their career.

In creating an award, the donor is also establishing a personal legacy through a fund that can continue to have an impact for years to come—even in perpetuity—and for which he or she will always be remembered.

Ways to Give

Gifts can take many forms, depending on the donor’s preferences. Options include the following:

 - making a gift as an individual or as part of a group;

- giving cash or non-cash assets;

- directing the gift for current use or establishing an endowed fund; and

- making payment immediately, through a multi-year pledge, or as a planned gift.

The Next Step

Views options for giving here or contact ASRS VP of Finance Shelly Vanover today to learn more about your many options as a donor and to discuss the form your participation can take in this vitally important campaign.