Travel Grants

Foundation Travel Grants

Through support of a Travel Grant, donors to the Foundation have the chance to help young physicians in the field of retina access an invaluable experience: joining colleagues from around the world at the ASRS Annual Scientific Meeting.

The Grant

ASRS Foundation Travel grants are designed to help member residents, fellows and early career international members  attend ASRS’s Annual Scientific Meeting. This assistance is particularly important as the cost of travel rises and as the number of institutions and employers underwriting attendance at such meetings shrinks.

Although the grants do not typically cover the full cost of attendance, they can make a critical difference for many who glean enormous professional value from attending —especially given that ASRS waives the event registration fee for travel grant recipients. A limited number of grants will be available each year.

The Impact

Support of Travel Grants represents an investment in the next generation of retina specialists and researchers at a critical point in their career development. 

As those who have attended the ASRS Annual Scientific Meeting over the years know, not only is meeting participation a rich educational opportunity where important information on leading-edge developments and innovations in the field are shared, it can be a meaningful experience for professional growth, particularly for those relatively new to the subspecialty.

Meeting leaders in the field firsthand is an inspiring opportunity, and as younger physicians join peers at this seminal gathering and begin to network, they are becoming members of a collegial community, that they will benefit from and contribute to for the rest of their careers.

For other participants at the meeting and for the ASRS as a whole, bringing more perspectives—and more diverse views—into the mix, can only increase the richness of the meeting experience for all.

The Opportunity

Donors have a degree of latitude to shape the grants they fund, including expressing a preference for the selection criteria and, of course, determining the grant amount they will fund.

Ways to Give

Gifts can take many forms, depending on the donor’s preferences. Options include the following:

- making a gift as an individual or as part of a group;

- giving cash or non-cash assets;

- directing the gift for current use or establishing an endowed fund; and

- making payment immediately, through a multi-year pledge, or as a planned gift.

The Next Step

Views options for giving here or contact ASRS VP of Finance Shelly Vanover today to learn more about your many options as a donor and to discuss the form your participation can take in this vitally important campaign.