2022 Film Festival Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Film Festival Award Winners!

Heavy Metal: XL Edition
R. Rishi Gupta, MD

Avoiding Hemorrhagic Complications in Suprachoroidal Buckling
Flavio A. Rezende, MD, PhD

Home Fundus Photography Using an Ice Lens
Keirnan Willett, MD

Unusual Complication of an Unusual Complication…
Juan Carlos Gutierrez, MD

Different Approaches to Management of Pediatric Retinal Detachment Associated With Stickler Syndrome
Wei Wei Lee, MD

Ruptured Globe Secondary Repair: How to Beat the Odds
Ronald C. Gentile, MD

Darkest Night Before the Dawn: Unexpected Challenges in VR Surgery
Srinivas Joshi, MD, FASRS

Encounters With Nightmares: Complications and Their Management in Retinal Surgeries
Aditya S. Kelkar, MS, FRCS, FASRS, FRCOphth

3-Dimensional Animation Video Demonstrating Retinal Displacement in Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Repair
Rajeev H. Muni, MD, MSC, FRCS(C), FASRS

Mastering Your Machine
David R. Chow, MD, FRCS(C)