2015 Film Festival Award Winners

ASRS Rhett Buckler Award

ASRS Rhett Buckler Award

The 17th Annual ASRS Film Festival Award winners were celebrated during the ASRS 33rd Annual Meeting in Vienna, Austria. 

Best of Show

Fatal Air Embolism During Extensive Retinochoroidectomy Performed Under Elevated Air Infusion -Flavio A. Rezende, MD, PhD; Renaud Duval, MD, FRCS(C)

3D Video Award

The Magic of Heads-Up Surgery - Claus Eckardt, MD; Erica Paulo, MD 

Other Rhett Buckler Award winners

Contemporary Bilateral Artificial Iris Implantation After Postraumatic Aniridia in Vitrectomized Eye: Which color? A "Love Choice” - Cesare Forlini, MD; Matteo Forlini, MD

Removal of an Intact Malyugin Ring From the Vitreous Cavity - Jeffrey L. Olson, MD; Michael Erlanger, MD 

Chromovitrectomy: An Important Tool for Vitreoretinal Surgery - Arturo A. Alezzandrini, MD, PhD; J. Fernando Arevalo, MD, FACS; Jose Garcia Arumi, MD, PhD; Mauricio Maia, MD, PhD; Marcelo Zas, MD, PhD

Silicone Oil Retention Sutures in Traumatic Aniridia - Ronald C. Gentile, MD; Khushboo Agrawal, MD; Cynthia X. Qian, MD; Mitul C. Mehta, MD, MS; Dean Eliott, MD; E. Alfonso Ponce, MD

Initial Experience With 27-Gauge Vitrectomy System: Learning Curve, Advantages and Limitations - Dilraj S. Grewal, MD; Prithvi Mruthyunjaya, MD; Lejla Vajzovic, MD

Pars Plana Vitrectomy for Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment: From A to Z - Woohyok Chang, MD, PhD; Hyunuk Chung, MD; Min Sagong, MD

Navigated Yellow Laser Hyaloidotomy for Subhyaloid Haemorrhage- Jay Chhablani, MD 

Complex Diabetic Vitrectomy- 'The Animated Way' - Cyrus M. Shroff, MD; Charu Gupta, MBBS, MS; Gagan Bhatia, MBBS, DO, DNB; Ranjan Dutta; Daraius N. Shroff, MS, FMRF, FRCS

Put Da Team on My Back: Repairing Retinal Detachments After Bilateral Penetrating Globe Injuries - Khushboo Agrawal, MD; Ronald C. Gentile, MD; Gennady Landa, MD

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