ASRS Awards and Nominations

As the world's largest retina society, the ASRS is pleased to recognize leaders whose dedication and outstanding contributions have help evolve the field and  improve patient care. We invite ASRS members to nominate worthy colleagues for the following awards which are presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting. 

Deadline for nominations is January 15.

Pyron Award

The Pyron Award is endowed by an estate gift from Gertrude D. Pyron, an imminent geologist during her lifetime, who bequest to the Retina Research Foundation (RRF) out of admiration for Dr. Alice McPherson’s leadership in vision science.

The RRF was founded by Dr. McPherson, an ASRS member, in 1969 to establish and fund programs for the eradication of vitreoretinal disease.

The ASRS is proud to be the recipient of the Pyron Award as part of the RRF's major awards program, which has provided honoraria and research grants to internationally known retina scientists since 1978.  Through the Pyron Award, the RRF has sponsored a Lectureship Research Award at the ASRS Annual Meeting since 1995.

The Pyron Award is given to recognize an outstanding, internationally known vision scientists whose work contributes to knowledge about vitreoretinal disease. It may be given to individuals who:

  • Developed new techniques accepted worldwide.
  • Made a seminal invention or adapted a previous technology.
  • Introduced a new treatment modality.
  • Discovered the etiology of a disease state.
  • Reassessed previous findings, resulting in a significant shift in treatment.
  • Established new standards of quality care in retina.
  • Made breakthroughs in genetic understanding.
  • Conducted primary research in new pharmacological product.
  • Made a significant advance in eye care worldwide.

The award is made at the discretion of the ASRS Awards Committee for accomplishments of significance either past or present.

Founders Award

The American Society of Retina specialists presents its Founders Award to individuals who have made major contributions to the advancement of vitreoretinal surgery, treatment, research, surgical instrumentation, and patient care.

The award is made at the discretion of the ASRS Awards Committee.  The Committee considers both the significance of the contributions as well as the individual’s foresight, dedication and leadership in the field of retina.

ASRS Presidents' Young Investigator Award

The Retina Young Investigator Award was established by the Foundation to honor past leaders of the ASRS. It serves as a means to nurture the development of the next generation of retina leaders and encourage researchers to undertake investigative work in critical areas of retinal diseases that may one day lead to meaningful improvements in patients’ lives.

The award is given in recognition of an outstanding paper published during the past year and other accomplishments of a young investigator (45 years of age or younger) who shows potential for impactful contributions to the field in the future.

Early Career Section Crystal Apple Award

The Crystal Apple is a special recognition that is presented to an ASRS member who has gone to great lengths to advance the education and professional development of young vitreoretinal specialists. In addition to receiving the award, each year's recipient also presents a distinguished lecture during the Early Career Section's Annual Meeting luncheon.

*ASRS members who have been in practice for seven years or less. 

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