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ASRS Hosts National Media Tour to Educate Patients About AMD

We are pleased to announce that today, in honor of AMD Awareness Month, ASRS President, Timothy G. Murray, MD, MBA, along with one of his AMD patients, will be conducting a series of television and radio interviews across the nation. 

The interviews will focus on the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of AMD and the critical role retina specialists play in the care and treatment of the disease. The interviews will also highlight our patient site,, and the ability to use our Find a Retina Specialist locator.

In addition, on February 28, we will be issuing two social media posts; one on Instagram (@asrs.retinaspecialists) and one on Twitter (@asrsdocs). Please follow us and like and re-tweet from your own accounts to help us amplify these messages.

?We look forward to continuing to partner with you to raise awareness of AMD and other conditions treated by retina specialists.

(Published 2.26.20)