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WinR Launched New Clinical Trial Incubator: A Pipeline to the Pipeline

The ASRS Women in Retina (WinR) Section is excited to announce WinR Clinical Trials Incubator (CTI): A Pipeline to the Pipeline,a new extension of its mentorship program aimed at increasing the participation of women retina specialists as principal investigators (PIs) in clinical trials.

WinR leadership will select one applicant per program cycle. Industry clinical experts will partner with ASRS WinR leadership throughout the program, sharing with the mentee best practices in crucial aspects of clinical trial conduct. The industry partners may invite the mentee selected by WinR to apply for the regular site selection process to potentially participate in future clinical trials, however no preferred participation in site selection will be granted.

The CTI program is now open for competitive application by active ASRS members. To apply, please send a copy of your CV to and complete the following forms by November 4, 2022.

(Published 10.26.22)