Fellows' Activity Log

Promoting excellence in training

The ASRS Fellows' Activity Log is an online tool to help retina specialist fellows in training easily and  efficiently track:

  • Clinical diagnostic & therapeutic procedures
  • Cases
  • Research
  • Didactic learning

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Please note: the Fellows' Activity Log is currently only open to active ASRS members. All fellows interested in participating must be members of the ASRS. You can apply for membership on the ASRS website: https://www.asrs.org/join-asrs. Please be sure to submit your Activity Log registration prior to your membership being approved. Your Activity Log account will be created once your membership application is approved by the ASRS Credentials Chair and Board of Directors. At that point you will then receive a welcome email with login instructions. 

The Fellows' Activity Log—accessible via Web and mobile devices—also offers:

  • Self-assessment tools
  • Personal notes sections
  • Peer benchmarking
  • A simple way to consolidate information for a CV

Making journal entries in the Fellows' Activity Log is a simple, convenient way to enhance your training experience. 

For more information on the Fellows' Activity Log and how to get started download the Fellows' Activity Log PowerPoint presentation. Fellowship directors should feel free to download and use the presentation to introduce incoming fellows to the log.

Active Fellows' Activity Log Users

Keeping your Activity Log up to date is now easier than ever. Active participation is a requirement of ASRS membership for Fellows-in-Training. Your Activity Log account will be created as soon as your membership is approved by the ASRS Board of Directors. Once your Activity Log account is created you will receive a welcome letter with all the information you will need to access your account. To begin tracking your activities, login at www.T-Res.net using the login credentials you received in your welcome email. If you ever need to reset your login simply select 'Forgot Password' on the T-Res homepage. As a reminder, upon completion of fellowship, all ASRS Fellow-in-Training members are required to complete the Fellows' Activity Log and submit a copy of Goals Report 094 as part of their membership upgrade application. 

The Fellows' Activity Log mobile device interface allows users to easily track all activities via their iPhone, Android, or other mobile device.


Directions on how to download the app to your phone can be found on the T-Res website or below:

PlatformDescriptionHelp Guide
Apple App Store Click the link on the left, or search for T-Res 2 in the Apple App Store on your phone or in iTunes and install directly on your device. The app is free to download. iPhone User Guide
Google Play Store Click the link on the left, or search for Resilience T-Res in the Google Play Store on your phone or web browser to install on your device. The app is free to download. Android User Guide

Questions? Feel free to contact Sallie Wallis.

Now Available: Fellows' Activity Log Export for AUPO Exit Survey 

An export from the Fellows' Activity Log  is now available that can be imported into the AUPO Fellowship Compliance Committee (AUPO FCC) exit survey system. All FIT members will now be able to take advantage of this new feature that allows you to log your activities all in one place.

Review the step by step guide to the Fellows' Log Export for the AUPO Exit Survey to ensure you have everything complete.

Be sure to keep your log up to date to ensure that it is ready to export at the end of your fellowship. All forms in the Activity Log must be complete in order to export a compatible report. 

ASRS Fellows' Activity Log Fellowship Director Accounts

In addition to the fellow accounts in the ASRS Fellows’ Activity Log, fellowship directors also have the ability to have an account in the Log  to monitor your fellows’ activities. This account would also allow you to manage the fellowship specific drop down menus (e.g., attending physicians list, site of service list, etc.) as well as pull reports to track your fellows’ progress.

If you are interested in having an account created for the Fellows’ Activity Log please email sallie.wallis@asrs.org.