A Step By Step Guide to the Fellows' Activity Log Export for AUPO Exit Survey

Steps for Successful Activity Log Uploads to AUPO

Planning to Import Your Fellows’ Activity Log to the AUPO Exit Survey?
Be Sure to Follow These Steps to Ensure a Successful Import

1. Make sure all forms in the Fellows’ Activity Log are complete with your activities.

These include:

  • Procedure
  • Clinical Day
  • Academic
  • Research

Please note: Completion of all of these forms are required for the AUPO FCC Exit Survey and to upgrade your ASRS membership upon completion of your fellowship. For a list of the ASRS Goals please take a look at Report 094 – ASRS Goals in the Activity Log.

2. Make sure all of the AUPO List of required fields are complete. These include the following:

NOTE: In the images below, if the Activity type is one of those outlined in red, then the fields marked with a red X are required

Conferences & Journal Clubs (found on the Academic form in the Fellows’ Activity Log)


    • Date
    • Title/Topic
    • Conference Audience

Journal Clubs:

    • Date
    • Journal Club Theme
    • Journal Club Leader

Papers and Presentations: (found on the Research form in the Fellows’ Activity Log)

    • Date
    • Conference/Meeting Name (name of presented paper or name of journal for an unpresented paper)
    • Conference/Meeting Location (where the paper was presented or for an unpresented paper, one of [submitted / published] )
    • Authors
    • Title/Topic

Procedures: (on the Procedure form in the Fellows’ Activity Log)

  • As Assistant or Primary surgeon
  • For Procedure select one or more of
        • Laser Focal *
        • Laser Sectoral *
        • Laser PRP *
        • Laser Sectoral *
        • Scleral Buckle
        • Pars Plana Vitrectomy

* Lasers on Procedure form only counted if done as Primary

Procedures: (on the Clinical Day form in the Fellows’ Activity Log)

  • Enter count of procedures performed in
  • Number of Lasers — Macular
  • Number of Lasers — Peripheral/Sectoral/PRP
  • Number of Lasers — Encerclage

3. Once all fields are completed please export Report 117 – AUPO Export. The report is found under the Reports tab on the T-Res desktop version. Select the dates you wish to export and export the file as an XML file.

Please note: prior to exporting your report a preview screen will appear in the report. Red filled cells appearing on the preview screen indicate missing required information. Any attempt to import a report to the AUPO FCC Exit Survey with missing information will not upload successfully so please be sure to complete all required fields before exporting Report 117 - AUPO Export. 

4. Import your saved file to the AUPO FCC Exit Survey.

Take a look at the AUPO FCC Exit Survey importing tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to successfully upload Report 117 to the AUPO system.

*If your log fails to upload to the AUPO system please be sure you have completed all fields on all forms in the Fellows’ Activity Log. If you have any questions, please contact caroline.bozell@asrs.org  or kmitchell@aao.org for assistance. 

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