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Avella Releases Comment on Avastin Order Backlog

In a letter to customers, Avella Specialty Pharmacy outlines changes it is undertaking to comply with new federal regulations that are leading to delays in filling orders for Avastin.

The letter states, "Avella continues to implement enhancements to our quality systems to ensure compliance with the evolving regulatory landscape. As we move towards further compliance with the more stringent USP testing requirements, we have made the decision to discontinue production of repackaged Bevacizumab in BD and Exel insulin syringes. This decision is effective immediately.

Based on our current testing and ongoing research and development (“R&D”) efforts, we will continue to repackage Bevacizumab in Norm-Ject syringes. In conjunction with these changes to our product portfolio, we are also effectuating a price increase on our Norm-Ject syringes to $45 per syringe. This increase will take effect Monday May 20th, 2019.

While we undergo this change, there will be an adjustment period as we build our inventory levels of these syringes. We anticipate quickly returning to the fast, next-day delivery that you have come to expect from Avella.

Avella maintains ongoing efforts to invest in our quality systems and R&D efforts to work to continuously improve product quality and lower the total cost of care in the ophthalmology space. If you have any questions, please contact Avella at 877-470-7597."

The ASRS will continue to keep you informed.

Published May 2019