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MAC Contractor Noridian Initiates a Post-Payment Review of 2019 Injection Claims

Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC, the Supplemental Medical Review Contractor (SMRC) for CMS, is reviewing ophthalmic injection claims billed on dates of service from January 1- December 31, 2019. Post-payment reviews request documents to ensure claims were processed in accordance with CMS guidelines. These reviews may result in either no change to the initial determination, or a revised determination indicating over or under payment. For more information about the project, visit the Noridian SMRC webpage. For details about how to respond, visit the How to Respond to an Additional Documentation Request (ADR) page.

Please note that you must respond to this request within 45 days. It is important that you request an extension immediately if you don't believe you can respond in the given time frame. Direct your specific questions to Noridian by phone: 833-860-4133 or email: If you need assistance, please contact Monica Horton, ASRS Director of Practice Management.


(Published 1.26.22)