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Defend Against Attack on Patient Choice: Encourage Patient Groups to Sign-on in Opposition to Flawed Medicare Part B Demo Project

ASRS, AAO and The Retina Society are inviting patient groups to sign on to a letter to Congress opposing the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Part B Drug Demonstration Project.

The growing coalition of groups is deeply concerned that the proposed CMS project is based on faulty assumptions and would force patients to abandon sight-saving Medicare Part B drugs.

In its rush to push through its ill-conceived and uninformed cost-cutting measure, CMS has failed to recognize that a truly successful payment model must account for:
  • Patient needs and preferences
  • Variability in effectiveness and access to treatment options
  • Actual costs associated with providing treatment
*See letter for more details

We feel Medicare beneficiaries should have access to all Medicare covered services. Any payment model that limits patient choice and impedes physicians’ ability to provide the most appropriate and highest quality care - as this proposal does -- is simply unacceptable.

There is strength in numbers. Please help us protect patient choice. Encourage patient groups in your area to contact us to sign on today. 
(Posted April 7, 2016)