Updates from the Field: Criteria and Coverage Request

Criteria for participation

  • Prospective reporters should submit this coverage proposal to members@asrs.org at least 2-4 weeks prior to the intended meeting for ASRS leadership consideration.
  • The content must cover new developments and/or novel approaches in the field.
  • Interview content must be educational in nature. Interviews deemed commercial or promotional will be rejected. The ASRS reserves the right to reject video submissions it feels do not meet the educational goals of the series. 
  • Prospective reporters are asked to review and abide by the ASRS’s Presenter Interview Tips sheet.
  •  Interviews should be no longer than 3-5 minutes in length and should ideally be shot in 1 take. The interviewer should state that he or she is reporting for the ASRS.
  • Interviewer must provide the ASRS with titles and primary attributions for interviewer/ees, as well as the specific title of presentations being discussed. 
  • Transmission of videos to the ASRS for review/editing/distribution is the responsibility of the reporter.
  • Video should be shot using a contemporary smart phone. Any variation in video format should be pre-approved by ASRS staff.
  • Quality of the videos (resolution, sound quality, etc.) must be on par with previously published reports. Use of an external mic and tripod is highly recommended. See past reports at www.asrs.org/updatesfromthefield.
  • Videos are subject to editing and are intended for distribution to the ASRS membership and posting on the ASRS website. 

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