Best Clinical Retina Practices

The American Society of Retina Specialists is committed to providing members with information and resources to help ensure excellence in practice and patient care. 

Best Clinical Retina Practices statements offer definitive guidance on what the Society deems to be the current gold standard for clinical retina practice on a variety of topics. 

Intravitreal Injections and Office Examinations 

The Use of Genetic Testing in the Management of Patients With Age-Related Macular Degeneration: American Society of Retina Specialists Genetics Task Force Special Report 

Current Best Clinical Practices - Management of Neovascular AMD

ASRS Clinical Comments and Recommendations

In addition to Society-generated Best Clinical Retina Practice statements, the ASRS also works to provide guidance to retina specialists by reviewing and commenting on important retina-related clinical reports generated by outside medical groups.  

Nov. 2016: On behalf of the ASRS, Stephen S. Tsang, MD, PhD, provided the following clinical comments and recommendations in response to the AAO's Statement: Recommendations on Clinical Assessment of Patients with Inherited Retinal Degeneration 2016