18th Esaso Retina Academy

10/12/2018 12:00 am – 10/13/2018 12:00 am

Medical University of Warsaw
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The scientific program this year covers a wide range of interesting and important topics:

Friday, October 12 : Surgery video session

Saturday, October 13 : Diabetic Retinopathy; AMD; Imaging; Retinamour

A key aim of the ESASO Retina Academy is to maximise the learning of participants, which we try to achieve using a variety of different types of session in order to provide effective education. This year there are several formats worthy of note. For example, Retinamour is a highly interactive session where practical clinical cases are submitted and presented by the participants and discussed by an expert panel. We also have a number of classic plenary sessions which begin and end with questions to the audience to evaluate learning in each session. In addition, we have a keynote lecture which is delivered by a well-known expert on an important topic.

On Friday, October 12 there will be a Surgical Retina Video session headed by Prof. Antonio Capone and will be focused on the following items: innovation in vitreoretinal surgery; retinal surgery in myopic eyes; retinal surgery in vasoproliferative disorders; macular hole and vitreoretinal interface surgery including intraoperative OCT.

This year Rupert Bourne (UK) will be making the keynote lecture, on the subject of Global Burden of Diseases Projects.

Then there will be Companies Symposia during lunch time on Saturday, 13 October 2018. The scientific programme for this year also includes debate sessions, medical and surgical masterclasses, an imaging workshop and a vitreoretinal video surgery session. The masterclass format always rates very highly among the participants, as it allows a high degree of informal interaction between the participants and the expert faculty. This year there will be six medical masterclasses.

The plenary sessions, will provide important insights from renowned experts into current knowledge and clinical practice on a range of hot topics in ophthalmology. Furthermore the participants can contribute to make the scientific programme even more interactive and interesting! The Congress encourage all participants to share their experiences by submitting abstracts and case studies. All accepted abstracts will be published in a supplement of the impact factor rated journal Ophthalmic Research.

Why you should attend the ESASO Retina Academy meeting this year?

Attendees at this year’s meeting will benefit from a wide variety of post-residency education provided by a large faculty of experts from around the world. Dissemination of new and effective learning and expertise will help participants to improve their clinical and surgical practice, using a range of approaches including in-depth exposition of topics, face-to- face didactical tutoring and hands-on experience. Of course, another important aspect of this international event is the opportunity it provides for young and more experienced ophthalmologists alike to meet, discuss and network in a relaxed environment and with collegial spirit.

Last but not least, there will be a Ceremony dedicated to Esaso graduates, presentation of the Fellowships, presentation of the three best Posters and winners of the three best Young Ophthalmologists Session.

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