WinR Webinar: Break Through the Mirrored Door -- You’re More Ready Than You Think

6/5/2024 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

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Ellen Connelly Taaffe


At some point in their careers, many women encounter the mirrored door--the place where, when presented with opportunities, we reflect inward and hesitate, and deem we’re not ready or worthy enough to move forward, whether that is to raise our hands or go for the next role. But there is a way to break through, and to overcome the gendered expectations that girls and women internalize over our lifetimes that create a hidden barrier that keeps us from reaching our full potential.

Professor and Author, Ellen Taaffe, will explain why the five success strategies--preparing to perfection, eagerly pleasing, fitting the mold, pushing pedal to the metal, and patiently performing and expecting rewards to follow--get us to a certain level, and then act as a double-edged sword and  block/hinder the next step in our careers as expectations rise. We’ll explore and discuss what these strategies are, how they become obstacles, and ultimately, how to pivot and create the careers we desire and deserve.

Ellen Connelly Taaffe is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Kellogg School of Management, where she teaches Personal Leadership Insights and is the Director of Women's Leadership Programming. Previously, she was a senior executive at PepsiCo, Royal Caribbean, and the Whirlpool Corporation, and is now a board director for three companies and keynote speaker. She shares her insights in media like Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, the Washington Post, and TEDx, and in her award-winning book, The Mirrored Door: Break Through the Hidden Barrier that Locks Successful Women in Place.

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