Video: 27-Gauge Sutureless Transconjunctival Cannula-Based Scleral Fixation of Dislocated 3-Piece IOL


A 63-year-old male with h/o SB/PPV presents with a dislocated 3-piece IOL after initial sulcus placement. The IOL is rescued with scleral fixation.

Ashkan M. Abbey, MD; Jeremy D. Wolfe, MD, MS; George A Williams, MD
August 12, 2015

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Dr. Abbey - None.
Dr. Wolfe - 
THROMBOGENICS: Investigator, Speaker, Grants, Honoraria; GENENTECH:   Investigator, Speaker, Grants, Honoraria; ALLERGAN:  Investigator, Speaker, Grants, Honoraria. 
Dr. Williams -  
ALCON LABORATORIES, INC: Consultant, Other, Grants, Salary; ALLERGAN:  Consultant, Other, Grants, Honoraria; FORSIGHT: Consultant, Other, Stock Options; OMIC-OPHTHALMIC MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY: Employee, Salary; OPTIMEDICA: Consultant, Other, Stock; THROMBOGENICS: Consultant, Salary. 

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