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FAQ 17. My EHR says I met MU criteria in 2013; however, I received a letter this month from Medicare saying I did not. I can have them do an “informal” review in January, but is there anything I can do on my end in the meantime?

Unfortunately, there is little you can do now outside of the reconsideration request. We recommend you visit Medicare’s website for more information on a payment adjustment reconsideration and hardship exceptions. If the attestation was submitted in 2013, we also highly recommend that you review and monitor your attestation status by logging into the EHR Incentive website:

FAQ 18. I just founded my own practice and was previously an employee at a practice that began using an EHR in 2011, but I did not know of my status there. How do I find out my MU status?

To check your MU status and/or year(s) that you have participated in the incentive program, login at:

FAQ 19. I attested for 2014 Stage 1, year 2. Where can I go to find out when or if I will receive my bonus?

You can check the status of your incentive payment at:

FAQ 20. Will the process to attest electronically for all 2015 be the same as it was for our 90 day period? How to do we attest electronically?

The 2015 attestation process will be the same as it was in 2014. You will need to manually enter the reporting data to meet MU.

FAQ 21. I have been audited. When will I hear back?

To check on the status of your audit you will need to contact your audit representative directly.

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