Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

FAQ 22. Who may perform CPOE duties?

  1. Our EHR company believes that our interpretation is too strict for the CPOE measure. Can noncertified technicians enter the “OCT ordered and performed” or “FA ordered and performed” if they are the ones doing the test?
  2. Most of our techs are not certified technicians. Should we worry about the entry of orders?
  3. Can medical assistants who graduated a program (ie, received a diploma), but did not sit for national certification qualify for the CPOE requirement?
  4. When must employees responsible for entering physical orders receive certification for CPOE?

Many practices have questions about who qualifies as a credentialed medical assistant and if certain employees may enter computerized physician orders. Whether you uncertainty is generated by Medicare’s vagueness or guidance from your EHR vendor, if you have any of the 4 questions above the answer is the same: only licensed healthcare professionals and credentialed medical assistants should be performing CPOE duties.

According to Medicare, the CPOE core objective requires that a licensed health care professional or credentialed medical assistant must enter the orders into the system, regardless of whether that person ran the test. A medical assistant who received his or her diploma or license from an accredited institution will qualify for the CPOE requirement. Employees who do not have any health care certification should not be entering any medication, lab, or radiology orders. It is a best practice for these employees to receive certification as soon as possible.

FAQ 23. How do we get our medical assistants/techs CPOE certified?

At least 2 organizations offer certifications; the American Association of Medical Assistants has established the Assessment-Based Recognition in Order Entry and certification by the American Medical Technologists will also qualify.  

FAQ 24. Which services are included under the CPOE requirements?

Medications, labs, and radiology/imaging (eg, optical coherence tomography, photos, fluorescein angiography) orders are all covered under the CPOE requirements.

FAQ 25. What percentage of orders must be entered to meet CPOE requirements?

The percentage of orders that must be entered via CPOE increases between Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 1 requires more than 30% medication CPOE and no requirements for labs and radiology. Stage 2 requires more than 60% on medication orders and 30% for labs and radiology.

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