ASRS Board of Directors

Mark S. Humayun, MD, PhD *

John S. Pollack, MD *

Governance Super Committee & Credentials Committee  
Timothy G. Murray, MD, MBA *

Treasurer & Finance and External Relations Super Committee 
Carl C. Awh, MD *

Philip J. Ferrone, MD *

Education Super Committee  & CME & Accreditation Committee
Jeffrey S. Heier, MD *

Immediate Past President and Nominating Committee
Tarek S. Hassan, MD, Chair *

Bylaws Committee 
Audina Berrocal, MD

Communications Committee 
J. Michael Jumper, MD, Chair

Corporate Relations Representative 
Jonathan Prenner, MD

Health Economics Committee 
Pravin U. Dugel, MD, Chair

International Affairs Committee 
Gaurav K. Shah, MD, Chair

Practice Management Issues Committee
David M. Brown, MD, Chair

Research & Safety in Therapeutics Committee 
Geoffrey G. Emerson, MD, PhD, Chair

Site Selection Committee 
Kourous A. Rezaei, MD, Chair

Young Physicians Section Committee 
Vincent S. Hau, MD, PhD Chair
Lisa C. Olmos de Koo, MD, MBA, Chair

AAO Representatives 
Peter K. Kaiser, MD
Judy E. Kim, MD

International Representatives 
Ehab N. El-Rayes, MD, PhD
Stanislao Rizzo, MD

Representative at Large 
Sophie J. Bakri, MD
G. Baker Hubbard, MD
Rishi P. Singh, MD
Dean Eliott, MD

Emeritus Directors 
John T. Thompson, MD
Suber S. Huang, MD, MBA
Reginald J. Sanders, MD

Founding Directors 
Jerald A. Bovino, MD
Roy A. Levit, MD
Allen Z. Verne, MD

*Executive Committee Member