WinR Events

Upcoming 2017-2018 WinR Events

Mark your calendars for these upcoming WinR events. Please note that the events at AAO meeting offers travel grants. Each fellow is eligible to receive one travel grant per year.

  • WinR Winter Brunch – Chicago, IL –  January 28, 2018
    Take advantage of the opportunity to meet WinR leadership and other ASRS members at the WinR brunch. This invitation is open to all fellows interested in learning more about the WinR mentoring program and networking with others in the specialty. 
  • ARVO –  Honolulu, HI – April 29, 2018
    WinR will host a luncheon for fellow members and retina fellows at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Annual Meeting. The luncheon is an opportunity to present research, provide practice at the podium, highlight young women’s research and talents, as well as provide coaching.  
  • 36th ASRS Annual Meeting – Vancouver, Canada 
    WinR will host their annual luncheon during the 36th ASRS Annual Meeting. The luncheon will feature a keynote speaker; while the case conference offers WinR members the opportunity to present interesting cases.

Audio-Visual Likeness Release: At these events, the American Society of Retina Specialists may be photographing, videotaping, and/or audio-taping. Through your participation, you acknowledge these activities and agree to allow your image and likeness, if recorded, to be used by the ASRS in Society publications, on the ASRS website, and in marketing and promotional materials. Attendees of these ASRS events waive all claims against the Society for any liability resulting from these uses. Attendees agree that no compensation will be received in connection with the recording, use or distribution of their image.