Useful Links

WinR is pleased to offer the below social media groups open to all Section members. Please see below for more information on how to join each of the groups.


Connect with other WinR members to share and exchange information and hear about upcoming retina events and meetings. The WinR Section Facebook page is a closed group available to ASRS WinR Members. To connect with the group simply follow the ASRS Women in Retina Facebook group link and request to join. The administrators will then verify your membership and accept you into the group.

 ASRS WinR Section Social Media Policy and Guidelines

The ASRS Women in Retina (WinR) Section social media platforms are dedicated to helping current WinR members connect, share and exchange information on retina-related topics and section-related activities.

Posts on these platforms must be of the highest caliber, professional and/or educational in nature. Posts that are commercial in nature, that violate USA HIPPA compliance rules or are otherwise deemed inappropriate by WinR and/or ASRS leadership will be removed and the violator will be removed or asked to leave the platform.

Opinions and positions expressed on these social media platforms are solely those of the contributors and do not represent the opinions or positions of the American Society of Retina Specialists, its Board of Directors, members or staff.

The WinR leadership is responsible for overseeing and managing these platforms. Please direct any questions or comments to the following: