URiM Mentorship Program

The URiM Mentorship Program, launched in June 2022, is unique in that  it is built around groups of mentees and mentors known as families. Each of the six families currently consists of four mentors and two to four mentees. The long-term goal is to foster deep, life-long professional relationships that will encourage the mentees to become retina specialists. The mentees represent  a wide range of races and sexual orientations. This is the first ophthalmology mentorship program that openly includes LGBTQ+ trainees.

The program also has a traditional track in which mentors and mentees are paired up one-on-one. These participants also have the opportunity to benefit from some of the family track training materials to allow them insight into the roles and responsibilities of mentorship. 

Program facilitators have included Debon Lewis,  Dr. Tamara FountainJulio AlvarezDr.  César Briceño, and Dr. Taison Bell.

Read testimonials from some of our mentees here and view a selection of the mentorship session recordings here!

Applications for 2024 are closed for 2024. If you are interested in applying to the program next year, please keep an eye on this page in early 2025. 

To learn more about ASRS's various mentorship programs and to decide which one is right for you, review our mentorship programs overview chart.

Thank you to the 2024 family-track mentors:

Adriana M. Ramirez, MD
Adrienne W. Scott, MD, FASRS
Alejandro Ochoa, MD, MPH
Amy S. Babiuch, MD, FASRS
Basil K. Williams, MD
Camille V. Palma, MD
Cassie A. Ludwig, MD, MS
David S. Chin Yee, MD, FASRS
Ella H. Leung, MD
Geeta A. Lalwani, MD
Hong-Uyen Hua, MD
Hossein Nazari, MD, PhD
Ilya Leskov, MD, PhD
Ines Lains, MD, PhD
Jennifer I. Lim, MD, FARVO, FASRS
Jessica D. Randolph, MD, FASRS
Jonathan A. Sheindlin, MD
Joseph M. Coney, MD, FASRS
Kisha D. Piggott, MD, PhD
Michael A. Harrell, MD
Roberto Diaz-Rohena, MD
Rolake O. Alabi, MD PhD
Rosa Y. Kim, MD
Sarwar Zahid, MD
Sheila Garcia, MD, MPH
Thamolwan Surakiatchanukul, MD
Vivienne S. Hau, MD, PhD

And thank you to the 2024 traditional-track mentors:

Alexis Warren, MD
Audina M. Berrocal, MD, FASRS
Cecinio (Nikko) C. Ronquillo, MD, PhD
Christopher Brown, MD
Jessica E. Weinstein, MD
Jordan D. Deaner, MD
Joshua H. Uhr, MD
Luis J. Haddock, MD
Merina Thomas, MD
Robin D. Ross, MD, MPH, CPH
Scott D. Walter, MD, MSc, FASRS
Shawn Charles Wilker, MD
Vishal R. Raval, MBBS, DNB, FMRF, FASRS