Retina Times

From the President
Leadership in Times of Uncertainty—Arguably What the ASRS Does Best
Timothy G. Murray, MD, MBA
From the Editor's Desk
A Pandemic Brings Me Face to Face With My Issues
Sunir J. Garg, MD, FACS
Special Report: Telemedicine
COVID-19 Pandemic Induces Surge in Telemedicine
Sunir J. Garg, MD, FACS
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
How Can You Protect Your Invention Idea?  A Primer on Patent Applications
Allison L. Richmond, JD , Daniel L. Chao, MD, PhD , Jeffrey G. Gross, MD
ReST Committee Report
Occlusive Retinal Vasculitis Following Intravitreal Brolucizumab: An ASRS Research and Safety in Therapeutics (ReST) Committee Report
Andre J. Witkin, MD , Paul Hahn, MD, PhD , Timothy G. Murray, MD, MBA, FACS
In Memoriam
Honoring Two Esteemed Retina Specialists
US Report
PART 2: A Follow-Up Look at the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on US Retina Practices
J. Michael Jumper, MD
April Reflections From Lockdown in New York City
Roy A. Levit, MD
International Report
COVID-19: Up Close and Personal—The Road to Recovery
Retinomics Online-First: Annual Meeting 2020
Tracking the Impact of COVID-19 on the Retina Community
Larry Halperin, MD , Richard A. Garfinkel, MD
What's News
NYC Retina Specialists Answer the Call to Volunteer in Hospitals Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dilsher S. Dhoot, MD , Dante J. Pieramici, MD , Audina M. Berrocal, MD
Clinical Trials: Future Pathways
Faricimab for Diabetic Macular Edema and Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration –Can we do better by targeting both angiopoietin-2 and vascular endothelial growth factor?
Nathan C. Steinle, MD , Yvonne N. Okaka, MD , Lauren Hayashi, MS , Chirag P. Shah, MD, MPH
Special Report
Why Are Institutional Review Boards Important—and When Do You Need One?
Chirag P. Shah, MD, MPH
Practice Management
Surviving the Business Impact of COVID-19: Be Sure to Understand the Fine Print
Kristin Yockus, MPH , David Gavin, MBA , Allison W. Shuren, JD
Retina Drugs in 2020: A Health Care Policy Perspective on Pricing
Larry Halperin, MD , Richard A. Garfinkel, MD
Pediatric Retina
How is the Pandemic Affecting ROP Screening and Treatment?
R.V. Paul Chan, MD , Audina M. Berrocal, MD
Research & Development
Cell Therapy: What Lies Ahead?
Pravin U. Dugel, MD
Block Time
Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment Repair: Techniques for Success
Jason Hsu, MD , Mitchell S. Fineman, MD
The KOL Corner
Employing Newer Macular Hole Surgical Techniques
Marc J. Spirn, MD , Carl D. Regillo, MD, FACS
The Best is Yet to Be
'May You Live in Interesting Times'
–Ancient Curse of Apocryphal Origin
Allen Z. Verne, MD
Jerry's Wisdom
Squeeze the Soap Like Xiomara
Jerald A. Bovino, MD
The ASRS X-Files
The ASRS X-Files
Kirk K. Hou, MD, PhD , Edmund Tsui, MD , David Sarraf, MD
Literature Roundup
Joseph D. Boss, MD , Joseph Raevis, MD , Michael M. Altaweel, MD , Asheesh Tewari, MD
Early Career Section
Establishing a Niche in Retina
Aleksandra V. Rachitskaya, MD , Ankoor R. Shah, MD
Ocular Oncology
What Happens to Patients With Ocular Tumors During the Coronavirus Pandemic?
J. William Harbour, MD , Zelia M. Correa, MD, PhD

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