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The ECS Section features a variety of videos that offer practical tips and sage advice from ASRS mentors.

Updates from the Field: Retina News Reports 


Clinical and Surgical Videos

ECS Videos

 Sandeep Randhawa, MD discusses his career path and successful practice building   after fellowship                                                                                                                                                    

Jennifer I. Lim, MD shares her experience of being a ‘retina mom’
and handling maternity leave

         Jennifer I. Lim, MD discusses being a woman in retina                                                      

James C. Folk, MD offers career advice for ECS members                                                                                                                 
Jennifer I. Lim, MD discusses transitioning from a fellow to training fellows                     

Vincent S. Hau, MD, PhD, discusses what it’s like to work in a corporate hospital based setting

Vincent S. Hau, MD, PhD shares his experience of leaving his first job after fellowship to pursue other opportunities


Featured Video

Sharam Danesh, MD offers advice on life after fellowship and learning to manage a solo practice.

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