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From the President
ASRS Co-Founder Allen Verne, MD, Gives Us All Something to Think About
Mark S. Humayun, MD, PhD
From the Editor's Desk
ASRS Members Reach Out to Those in Need
Sunir J. Garg, MD, FACS
What's News
Annual Meeting Social Events Spotlight Historic Boston
Dante J. Pieramici, MD , Dilsher S. Dhoot, MD
Foundation Update
Foundation Honors and Supports Efforts to Help Patients
Tarek S. Hassan, MD
International Corner
Aditya Jyot Foundation in Mumbai, India Tackles Challenges of Eye Care for the Urban Poor
Rishi P. Singh, MD
Block Time
Assessing the 3D Heads-Up Display System
Jason Hsu, MD , Mitchell S. Fineman, MD
Research & Development
India’s Vitreo Retinal Development Project: Providing Advanced Training to Retina Surgeons
Pravin U. Dugel, MD
Research & Development
How Will Hypersonic Vitrectomy Affect the Surgical Landscape?
Pravin U. Dugel, MD
The KOL Corner
Dealing With Postoperative Surgical Failures
Marc J. Spirn, MD , Carl D. Regillo, MD, FACS
Jerry's Wisdom
Pass the Shrimp With Lobster Sauce
Jerald A. Bovino, MD
Practice Management
Optimizing Your Physician Recruitment Process
Thomas W. Stone, MD , Kristin Yockus, MPH
Clinical Trials: Future Pathways
Pharmacologic Management of Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy: An Update on Clinical Trials
Chirag P. Shah, MD, MPH
The ASRS X-Files
The ASRS X-Files
Nitish Mehta, MD , Yasha Modi, MD , K. Bailey Freund, MD
Literature Roundup
Literature Roundup
Joseph D. Boss, MD , Harshad Patel, MD , Michael M. Altaweel, MD , Asheesh Tewari, MD
Women in Retina
Women in Retina Section Hosts Events at ASRS and AVTT Annual Meetings, Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Jennifer I. Lim, MD
Member Opinion
Beyond the Numbers: A Retina Surgeon’s Story of Lean Integration
José Agustin Martinez, MD
Retina Genetics
Genetic Testing for Retinal Disease—Outrageous Fortune or a Sea of Troubles?
Joel A. Pearlman, MD, PhD , David G. Telander, MD, PhD
Film Festival
19th Annual Film Festival Honors Winners From 6 Countries
Brett T. Foxman, MD
Retina in the Military
Military Service Inspires Humanitarian Work in Private Practice
Eugene A. Milder, MD
Ocular Oncology
Radiotherapy for Benign Intraocular Tumors and Pseudotumors
J. William Harbour, MD , Zelia M. Correa, MD, PhD
Annual Meeting Highlights
ASRS 35th Annual Meeting in Boston Draws a Worldwide Audience
John S. Pollack MD , Stacy Kiff

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Issue 71, Volume 35, No. 4

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