The Foundation of the American Society of Retina Specialists

Saving vision is our mission

The American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) and the Foundation of the American Society of Retina Specialists (FASRS) are in a partnership for patients. While ASRS serves as steward of the vision and agenda that are enhancing patient care and guiding the profession's future, the Foundation is working to provide support to make that vision a reality through education and fundraising.

ASRS and the Foundation are united in their commitment to improving the lives of people with retinal diseases. Through the expertise of retina specialists around the world, we can create innovative programs to preserve the precious gift of sight.

Contribute to the Foundation and help us as we seek to turn today's ideas into tomorrow's cures.

Foundation's Retina Health Series

The ASRS Foundation’s Retina Health Series offers a collection of webpages with understandable facts about causes, symptoms, risk factors, diagnostic testing, treatment, and prognoses of an array of retinal conditions. Each webpage also offers a printable PDF version of the information for your convenience. Check out the series.

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Foundation makes nationwide impact with AMD public awareness posters

AMD public service announcement poster

In support of its ongoing Saving Vision patient education initiative, the Foundation funded the development and distribution of "Got AMD?" public awareness posters to cast a light on this disease.

Since their release in February 2013, ASRS has mailed more than 800 sets of posters to member practices, senior citizens facilities, low-vision rehabilitation clinics, community health centers, and Veterans Administration facilities across the country—all by request!

This eye-catching 2-poster set demonstrates the distorted vision of someone living with AMD and encourages people to get an examination or seek treatment.

Support your profession’s Foundation

Activities such as the "Got AMD?" poster campaign would not be possible without the generosity of retina specialists. Donate to FASRS today and help improve the quality of life of all people with retinal diseases.

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