2016 PAT Survey Yields 1036 Responses

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ASRS Preferences and Trends (PAT) Survey Editor Thomas W. Stone, MD, is grateful to all who participated in the 18th annual PAT Survey. Thanks to you, we have exceeded our target of 1000 responses.

Nearly 40% of ASRS members completed the 2016 PAT Survey.

Since 1999, the ASRS PAT Survey has provided a yearly snapshot of our members’ preferences on a wide range of medical, surgical, and socioeconomic topics. And because the survey repeats key questions from year to year, we can also track significant trends in retina practice patterns.

Final PAT Survey results will be released at the ASRS Annual Meeting

Thomas Stone, MD, will reveal the 2016 PAT Survey results at the ASRS 34th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, August 9-14—including a comparison of US and international ASRS members’ responses. He will also present multiyear trending data.

Final survey results and trending data will be posted on this web page after Dr. Stone’s presentation.

A PAT Survey supplement—with complete 2016 survey results, trending data, and an expert roundtable discussion—will also be mailed with the fall Retina Times.