Revolutionary Retina: Innovative Surgical Videos from JVRD

Revolutionary Retina is an educational video series, peer reviewed and published by the Journal of VitreoRetinal Diseases (online and in print). The series captures leading-edge and truly innovative retina surgeries with narration and valuable take-home points from ASRS members.

Consider submitting your next innovative surgical video to JVRD.   

Submission Guidelines

Submit your Revolutionary Retina case video to JVRD via the ScholarOne manuscript submission portal. This should include a written summary of your video along with a video link from Dropbox, Google Drive or another similar platform.

Videos must be original and no longer than 3 minutes. Maximum file size is 10 MB. Audio/Video file types accepted are mov, mp4, mpeg.

Your written case summary should include:

  • Author name and affiliation
  • Descriptive title of the video
  • Description of the video and a list of take-home points (maximum of 500-700 words)
  • A bibliography of published sources relevant to the video

 Your video must:

  • Be narrated. Narration should begin with you introducing yourself and describing the purpose of the video (Example: “My name is Dr. X from YY and I am demonstrating a new technique to remove subretinal silicone oil.”)
  • Include a final slide with your list of key take-home points
  • Be of high quality and strictly professional in tone. Video and narration should not include animation, music, humor, political or cultural references or special effect.
  • Educational in nature. Any video that is deemed commercial or promotional in nature will be disqualified from consideration.

Please note that you will need to provide signed permission for any third-party content that is included in the text or video (i.e., images, graphics, illustrations, etc.).

The video and text are subject to peer review. Please see JVRD’s peer review policy for more information.

Financial disclosures must be included in both the video and in the manuscript submission process for all entrants. Please see the financial disclosure section of our Author Guidelines for more information.

Authors will need to secure audio-visual release form for any identifiable individuals (non-authors) in the videos. Please upload this permission form to SAGE Track.

Please direct questions to Lydia Steck at ASRS.

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