Straight From the Cutter's Mouth

Straight from the Cutter’s Mouth is a podcast series, created and hosted by ASRS member Jay Sridhar, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Florida.

The series provides an educational forum from which to glean informative and insightful perspectives from both leaders in the field and up-and-coming retina specialists. The journal club format offers a range of discussions on everything from new technologies, surgical techniques, clinical developments, coding and billing, to topics for fellows such as landing your first job in retina. The ASRS is pleased to offer access to this popular member podcast series.

Episode 190: Highlights from the JVRD Young Investigator theme issue from editors Szilard Kiss, MD, Mario Romano, MD, PhD, and Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD.

Episode 188: September 2019 Retinal Physician, Diabetic Retinopathy with Dr. Shriji Patel and Dr. Basil Williams

Episode 187Journal Club. Gender Disparities + Informed Consent in Resident Cataract Surgery, Gene Therapy, and Surgical Errors

Episode 186Transitioning into Ophthalmology Residency with Dr. Louie Cai

Episode 185Electronic Health Records in Ophthalmology and Retina with Dr. Michael Rivers

Episode 184Pearls from Post-Fellowship Practice with Dr. Nika Bagheri, Dr. Sarah Parker Read, and Dr. Jack Stringham

Episode 183Optimizing Clinic Efficiency and Productivity with Dr. Pradeep Prasad

Episode 182Journal Club from ASRS 2019, EMR Efficiency and Redundancy, Intravitreal Injection Trends, and Should We Be Tapping Every Endophthalmitis Case?

Episode 181Retina Clinic Efficiency and Logistics Panel with Dr. Amy Schefler, Dr. Chirag Shah, and Dr. Nathan Steinle

Episode 179Post-Operative Activity Restrictions and Virtual Reality in Retinal Surgery with Dr. Dante Pieramici

Episode 178: July Retinal Physician Ocular Oncology with Dr. Basil Williams and Dr. Ajay Kuriyan

Episode 177Interview with Eyes4Ears OKAPS Review Podcast with Drs. Andrew Pouw and Benjamin Young

Episode 176Journal Club with Drs. Ferhina and M. Ali Khan discussing Preoperative Anti-VEGF, RD after Intravitreal Injection, and Influence of CATT Trial Results

Episode 175Trochar-Assisted Intrascleral IOL Fixation with Dr. Jeremy Wolfe

Episode 174Gender Equality in Medicine Journal Club Podcast with Drs. Zelia Correa, Divya Sridhar, and Ashvini Reddy

Episode 173June 2019 Retinal Physician including Discussion of Management of Large Macular Holes, Endoscopic Vitrectomy, etc.

Episode 172Scleral Buckling Pearls with Dr. Buzz Kreiger

Episode 171VBS 2019 Keynote Interview with Dr. Carl Regillo

Episode 170Autologous Retinal Transplant for Macular Holes and More with Dr. Tamer Mahmoud

Episode 169May 2019 Retinal Physician at ARVO 2019

Episode Protocol V Study Results and Real World Implications

Episode 167Macular hole surgery with Dr. John Thompson

Episode 166Global Ophthalmology with Dr. Robin Ross

Episode 165Journal Club on Phakic IOL RD Rates, Autologous Retinal Transplant for Macular Holes

Episode 164Corticosteroids for Retinal Vascular Disease and Other Topics with Dr. Seenu Hariprasad

Episode 163Vit-Buckle Society 2019 Annual Meeting Recap

Episode 162April 2019 Retinal Physician Preview Discussion of AMD Topics with Dr. Margaret Greven and Dr. M. Ali Khan

Episode 1612019 Ophthalmology Residency Match Live Panel Q&A

Episode 160Retinal Detachment Cost Analysis and Trainee Surgery with Dr. Jay Stewart

Episode 159Medical Malpractice with Dr. Lee Goldsmith

Episode 158Journal Club with Dr. Ajay Kuriyan and Dr. Shriji Patel, IVR versus IVA for wet AMD, Protocol T subanalysis, CSR natural history.

Episode 157March Retinal Physician Review with Dr. Shriji Patel including discussion of complement inhibition for AMD, faricimab, brolucizimab, and prefilled syringes for injectable medications

Episode 156The Origins of ASRS with Dr. Jerry Bovino

Episode 155Argus II Quality of Life Improvements and More with Dr. Jacque Duncan

Episode 154Phacovitrectomy Discussion with Drs. David Ehmann and Ajay Kuriyan

Episode 153Doctor Finances Discussion with Physician on FIRE

Episode 152Journal Club including Drug Prices in U.S. Versus Australia, SCORE2 Secondary Analysis, Statins for Diabetic Retinopathy

Episode 151Novel Understanding of Diabetic Retinopathy with Dr. Thomas Gardner

Episode 150Ophthalmic Genetics with Dr. Mark Pennesi

Episode 149Robotic Surgery with Dr. Jean-Pierre Hubschman

Episode 148January 2019 Retinal Physician Review Including Digital Imaging in VR Surgery, Surgery in ROP eyes, VKH, Achromatopsia

Episode 147CEP290 mRNA intravitreal therapy for LCA

Episode 146Journal Club Discussing PIVOT trial, FLUID trial, Timing of Macula-Off RDs

Episode 144Negotiating for Your First Retina Job Including Discussion of Maternity Leave and Ophthalmology Workplace with Drs. Zelia Correa, Geeta Lalwani and Ashvini Reddy 

Episode 143Journal Club, Pediatric Retinal Detachment Surgery, Open Label Extension RISE and RIDE, BP Changes during Injections

Episode 142Vitrectomy Advances and Buckle Pearls with Dr. Ed Ryan

Episode 140Pediatric Retinal Surgery, Gene Therapy, and More with Dr. Audina Berrocal

Episode 139Journal Club, K Grant Awardee Outcomes, RRD Information for Patients Online, Medical Student Support From Ophthalmology Organizations

Episode 138Journal Club Including DRIL in RVO, Sickle Cell Retinopathy Characteristics, and Scleral Depression for PVDs

Episode 137Retinal Physician November 2018 including Home Monitoring Devices and PEDs in AMD

 Episode 136Practice Management Panel Redux with Drs. Eichenbaum, Isom, and Shah

Episode 135Applying Clinical Trial Results for PDR/DME with Dr. Diana Do

Episode 134Innovation and Retinal Disease with Dr. Mark Humayun

Episode 133Ocular Oncology Meets Vitreoretinal Surgery with Dr. Prithvi Mruthyunjaya

Episode 132October 2018 Retinal Physician with Dr. Will Parke Including IRIS Registry, High-Speed Cutters

Episode 131Journal Club on Follow-up for AMD and PDR Patients, Phase II and III Clinical Trials, Ophthalmology Chairs in the U.S. with Dr. M. Ali Khan

Episode 1302018 Retina Society Annual Meeting Discussion with Dr. Steven Christiansen

Episode 129Surgical Pearls including ARGUS II, Silicone Oil, and Scleral Buckling with Dr. Lisa Olmos de Koo

Episode 128Retina Innovation with Dr. Eugene de Juan

Episode 127OSA in CSCR and More with Dr. Avnish Deobhakta

 Episode 126Zika Virus and Macular Changes in ROP with Dr. Irena Tsui

 Episode 125September 2018 Retinal Physician, Diabetic Retinopathy

Episode 124Industry and Innovation with Dr. Emmett Cunningham

Episode 123Expanding Your Surgical Toolbox with Dr. Flavio Rezende

 Episode 122Starting in Clinical Research in Private Practice with Dr. Arshad Khanani

Episode 121Journal Club with Dr. Daniel Chao and Dr. Will Parke on 27-gauge Trochar IOL Fixation, Bilateral Intravitreal Injections and Endophthalmitis, and Protocol S Predictors

Episode 120Subretinal Surgery, Gene Therapy, and More with Dr. Ninel Gregori

Episode 1192018 ASRS Annual Meeting Post-Mortem Including Protocol S 5-Year Results

 Episode 118Sickle Cell Retinopathy with Dr. Adrienne Scott

Episode 117Private Equity Discussion with Dr. James Vander

Episode 116Ophthalmology Residency/Retina Fellowship Journal Club with Dr. Chao and Dr. Kuriyan

Episode 115Retinal Physician July 2018 with Dr. Daniel Chao and Dr. M. Ali Khan, Scleral Buckling, Heavy Oils, Macular Buckles, Suprachoroidal Steroids

Episode 114Pneumatic Vitreolysis with Dr. Nathan Steinle

Episode 113Journal Club, Macular Ischemia in RISE/RIDE, Wet Conversion in AMD, Micropulse for CSR

Episode 112Direct Perfluorocarbon-Silicone Oil Exchange with Dr. John Kitchens

Episode 111Dr. Marco Mura Discusses Robotic Surgery and Macular Buckling

Episode 110June 2018 Issue of Retinal Physician with Dr. Will Parke

Episode 109One Month Till Graduation Special Episode with Dr. Gaurav Shah

Episode 108Journal Club, Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Follow-up, ILM Peeling in PVR RRD, OCT PVD Imaging

Episode 107Dr. Gary Wortz of Ophthalmology Off The Grid Discusses Cataract Surgery, Secondary Intraocular Lenses, and Podcasting

Episode 106Practice Management Pearls for Graduating Fellows with Drs. Isom, Parke, and Shah

 Episode 105Aqueous Humor Biopsy with Dr. Jesse Berry

Episode 104Retinal Physician May 2018, Bimanual, Diabetic Vitrectomy and More

Episode 103Ruptured Globes and Academic Medicine with Dr. William Mieler

 Episode 102Medical Professionals Working in the Retina Industry with Dr. Namrata Saroj and Dr. Anne Fung

Episode 101External Needle Drainage during Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment with Dr. Michael Jumper 

Episode 100The Past, Present, and Future with Dr. Jayanth Sridhar

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