The Retina Channel

The Retina Channel is a podcast series created and hosted by ASRS member Keyvan Koushan, MD, a retina specialist at the Toronto Retina Institute. The series offers a journal club format in which retina leaders discuss recently published articles on pivotal research and developments and their impact on the field. The ASRS is pleased to provide access to this popular member podcast series.

Ep 25: RIVAL Study: Ranibizumab vs Aflibercept in T&E for Wet AMD with Dr. Mark Gillies

Ep 24: Acute Retinal Angiographic Changes with Intravitreal Injections with Dr. Richard Rosen

Ep 23: CANTREAT Study. Ranibizumab Monthly vs Treat-and-Extend for wAMD with Dr. Peter Kertes

Ep 22: Stroke Risk in Patients with CRAO with Dr. Matthew Schrag

Ep 21: Eyes with PDR that were Lost to Followup after PRP or Anti-VEGF Treatment with Dr. Jason Hsu

Ep 20: PIVOT Study: Pneumatic Retinopexy vs PPV for RD Repair with Drs. Rajeev Muni and Roxane Hillier

Ep 19: LEAD Trial for Use of Nanopulse Laser for Dry AMD with Dr. Robyn Guymer

Ep 18: Red Blood Cell Distribution and Vision Potential in RVO with Dr. Ahmet Ozkok

Ep 17: 5-year Results of Protocol S: PRP laser vs Ranibizumab for PDR with Dr. Jennifer Sun

Ep 16: PLACE Trial: Half-Dose PDT vs Micropulse Laser for Central Serous Chorioretinopathy with Dr. Camiel Boon

Ep 15: Serum VEGF Levels in the IVAN Trial with Dr. Usha Chakravarthy

Ep 14: Plasma VEGF Levels After Anti-VEGF Injections (DRCR protocol T) with Dr. Charles Wykoff

Ep 13: Long-Term Treatment of Wet AMD by 50+ Anti-VEGF Injections with Dr. Sean Adrean

Ep 12: RPE Stem Cells for Dry AMD with Dr. Mark Humayun

Ep 11: Endophthalmitis after Intravitreal Anti-VEGF Injections with Dr. David Almeida


Ep 10: Cytokines Levels and Response to Ranibizumab in DME with Dr. Rajeev Muni


Ep 9: Rate of Macular Atrophy in HARBOR Study with Dr. SriniVas Sadda


Ep 8: DAVE Trial: Targeted Retinal Photocoagulation for DME with Dr. David Brown


Ep 7: Long Term Outcomes of 27-G Vitrectomy with Dr. Ali Khan


Ep 6: YAG Vitreolysis for Symptomatic Floaters with Dr. Chirag Shah


Ep 5: Adding Dexamethasone Implant to Ranibizumab for Persistent DME with Dr. Raj Maturi


Ep 4: 3-year Results of the TREX-AMD Trial with Dr. Charles Wykoff


Ep 3: 5-year Results of Argus II Retina Prosthesi with Dr. Rob Devenyi


Ep 2: Autologous Induced Stem-Cell–Derived Retinal Cells for Macular Degeneration with Dr. Brian Ballio


Ep 1: Review of the Clarity Study with Dr. Amin Kherani

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