Stockholm Transportation and Direction Details

Tips for Airport Travel

The Arlanda Express train provides a shuttle service between Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Stockholm Central Station. The ride is 25 miles and the cost is about $32.  The platform is easily accessible underneath the arrival terminals. 

Both taxis and Ubers operate in Stockholm. If you use a taxi, be sure to use a reputable service such Taxi Stockholm, which offers an app, if you're interested. Taxis take cash (Krona, Euro, US dollars) and credit cards. Tips are not expected but always appreciated. Click here for more information on taxis in Stockholm.

Click here for more travel options to and from Arlanda and other Stockholm airports. 

Travel to Stockholmsmässan Convention Center at Mässvägen 1, 125 80 Stockholm
Use Commuter Rail Stop: Älvsjö

From your hotel, proceed to T Centralen / Stockholm City Station (marked as Stockholm C on the map) and follow signs to the Commuter Rail, symbolized by a blue train icon (shown above). Note that some signs may use the Swedish word for 'commuter rail' -- Pendeltåg.

Look for the southbound commuter trains (Track 3 or 4).  Any of the southbound trains will stop at Älvsjö which is the stop right in front of Stockholmsmässan Convention Center.  The lines that come through most frequently are 41 and 43 (signified in pink).

The trip between T Centralen / Stockholm City Station and Älvsjö will take about 10 minutes. During peak hours on weekdays, trains run every 5 minutes. During peak hours on weekends trains run about every 12 minutes.

It is possible to take the commuter train from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Älvsjö/ Stockholmsmässan. Trains depart twice an hour and the travel time is 50 minutes. 

To pay at the automated gates, tap a contactless credit card, or use a digital wallet (e.g., Apple Pay), or buy a ticket at the kiosks nearby.  Each single-journey ticket costs SEK 42 (~$4).

You can also plan your trip and purchase tickets using the SL-Journey app shown below. Download it to your mobile device from the App Store. Google maps is also a useful tool for navigating the city.

Tips for Reaching Reception Locations:

Grand Hotel Address: Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8
Directions: To reach the Grand Hotel, get off at Kungsträdgården metro station (one of the city's most beautiful stations). The hotel is a 3-minute walk from the station.

Vasa Museum Address: Galärvarvsvägen 14 Vasa
Directions: To reach the Vasa Museum, take the 7 line tram to the Nordiska museet / Vasamuseet stop and from there the museum is a 5- minute walk. 

Hotel Berns (The Terrace) (Fellows in Training and Resident  Reception Venue):
Address: Näckströmsgatan 8, 111 47 
Directions: Use the Kungsträdgården T-Bana or Kungsträdgården stop. The closest one is a 7 minute walk to the hotel. 

Getting Around Stockholm on Public Transportation

Stockholm is often praised for its comfortable, efficient and safe transportation. Stockholm Public Transport, SL, is responsible for buses, underground trains, commuter trains, trams and certain ferry lines in Greater Stockholm.

The city is divided into three zones, and zone tickets are good for several trips within 75 minutes. Tickets can be most easily purchased through the SL-Journey app, but can also be purchased at SL Centers, underground platform barriers, newsagent kiosks or via SMS. It's not possible to pay cash for tickets on board buses in Stockholm. Most bus stops have ticket machines that take both coins and cards.

Prepaid cards are a good alternative for those making few trips. It's also possible to buy 1, 3, or 7-day cards, which allow free travel in all zones during the validity period. Another alternative is the Stockholm Card, which allows travel and free entry to 80 museums and attractions in the city. Stockholm Cards are valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

A trip on the number 69 bus or number 7 tram is a wonderful way to discover Stockholm. The lines go out to Djurgården and major attractions like Skansen and the Vasa Museum. 

The Stockholm underground is also known as the world's longest art gallery as so many of its stations are adorned with the works of different artists. (Click to enlarge map).