ASRS Film Festival Award Winners

ASRS Congratulates the Winners of the 23nd Annual Film Festival 


Best of Show

The Right Fit for the Pit - Management of Recurrent Optic Disc Pit-associated Maculopathy with Human Amniotic Membrane Graft in a Child
Aditya Kelkar, MD, FRCS, FACS

Film Festival Award Winners

The Grinder Technique: A Surgical Solution for Sticky Silicone Oil
Gustavo Huning, MD, MBA, DiSSO

An Overview of Surgical Approaches for Myopic Tractional Maculopathy
Parampal Grewal, MD, FRCSC, ABO

Cutting it Close: Surgical Management of Retinal Angiomas
Aniruddha Agarwal, MD

My "Plan B" for the Removal of Subfoveal PFO Without Damaging the Fovea.
Yuki Morizane, MD, PhD

Subretinal Gene Therapy: How to Make a Bleb and Cover a Target Area
Robert Sisk, MD, FACS, FASRS

Retina Hacks: You Can Do It, We Can Help. Tools and Tricks for Vitreoretinal Surgery
Tahsin Khundkar, MD

Unfolding Falciform Folds & Their Consequences: To Touch or Not to Touch
Subhendu Boral, MBBS, MD(AIIMS), DNB

New Surgical Approach for Repositioning Dislocated Intraocular Lenses: The Silicone Tubing Technique
Alvaro Fernandez-Vega Gonzalez, MD, FEBO

Taming the Tornado: Conquering the Unexpected Complications in VR Surgery!!!
Srinivas Joshi, MD