Meaningful Use—Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Table of Contents

An Introduction to Meaningful Use

Meaningful use background and key concepts with links to pertinent FAQs

Meaningful Use Basics

FAQ 1. What is meaningful use?

Vendor Section

FAQ 2. Our EHR is open source, meaning that we don't have a vendor, and our own IT department installed the EMR. How can we comply with the CMS auditor’s request that we provide a letter from a vendor (that we don't have) stating we are using our EMR during the entire attestation period?

Stage 1

FAQ 3. How long is Stage 1?

FAQ 4. How do I account for the 90-day reporting period?

FAQ 5. How many times must I attest during Stage 1?

Stage 2

FAQ 6. My EHR upgraded to 2014 in August, and I am now going for Stage 2. Do I attest for the quarter ending 9/30? Which option would be least restrictive? How do you denote which quarter you chose, or does the data itself indicate this?

FAQ 7. We attested Stage 1 in 2012 (90 days) and 2013 (1 year), but our EMR is not Stage 2-certified yet. Can we attest Stage 1 criteria 2013 for 2014?

Quality Measures

FAQ 8. Can you explain the difference between clinical quality measures and PQRS and how they may cross over with the different physician reporting programs?

FAQ 9. As of now, we must manually enter our PQRS data. Do you know if there are any options to upload it electronically?

FAQ 10. For 2015, does one of the menu objectives need to be a public health measure?

FAQ 11. What are the 5 best core measures for retina specialists to report on?

FAQ 12. Which are the best CQMs for retina?

FAQ 13. Is there a performance requirement for CQMs in 2015, or do we just submit the data as we did in 2014? 

FAQ 14. My EHR has measures that do not really pertain to retina specialists, like glaucoma CQMs. Can we report zero CQMs when we attest?

FAQ 15. As retina specialists, it seems we are generally able to meet only 7 of the 9 CQMs. Does this increase our risk of an audit? Is it better to registry report?

FAQ 16. When is the attestation deadline for 2014?

Your MU Status

FAQ 17. My EHR says I met MU criteria in 2013; however, I received a letter this month from Medicare saying I did not. I can have them do an “informal” review in January, but is there anything I can do on my end in the meantime? 

FAQ 18. I just founded my own practice and was previously an employee at a practice that began using an EHR in 2011, but I did not know of my status there. How do I find out my MU status?

FAQ 19. I attested for 2014 Stage 1, year 2. Where can I go to find out when or if I will receive my bonus? 

FAQ 20. Will the process to attest electronically for all 2015 be the same as it was for our 90 day period? How to do we attest electronically?

FAQ 21. I have been audited. When will I hear back?

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

FAQ 22. Who may perform CPOE duties?

FAQ 23. How do we get our medical assistants/techs CPOE certified?

FAQ 24. Which services are included under the CPOE requirements?

FAQ 25. What percentage of orders must be entered to meet CPOE requirements?


FAQ 26. What happens if you don’t participate in MU?

FAQ 27. If I started MU after receiving the 1% penalty, will I get the 1% penalty forever?


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